Yeah Write – Review Of Viper Rum


This is for Day 30 of Yeah Write’s 31dbbb.  Today, it’s about writing a review. Not too far fetched from Day 19’s, write an opinion post.  The topics are endless on reviews a person could write.  I was reading along ideas on the page, but deep down, I knew what I would write a post about if it were a review post. My second favorite poetry book.

I found Mary Karr in a section at Wal-mart.  I adore memoirs and this seemed like a great one.  It is called; The Liar’s Club.’  Once reading this book over and over, until the pages began to look worn, I ordered her next memoir from Books-A-Million.  This one is called, Cherry.’.   Mary Karr has written at least one to two memoirs since then that I have not gotten a chance to read yet.  One of them is called, Lit’

After the first two memoirs, which were brilliant, I discovered along the way, Mary Karr also had out a few books of poetry.  I am addicted to poetry, so right away, I ordered her poetry book, ‘Viper Rum’.  I am more than astonished by this heartfelt collections of poems.  Reading her first two memoirs allowed me to understand many of her pieces more in ‘Viper Rum’.  

However, even if you haven’t read a memoir by her, I would recommend anyone picking up a copy of Rum Viper ‘.  Even if a person doesn’t write poetry, nor read it often, this book and collection has a style that can captivate any reader.  With poetry weaving in and out of each page, some speaking of her father, some her mother, and some friends,, this book is easy to relate to.  Some poems are creations of her struggles with religion, love, break-ups, and of her turning 18 years old, and embarking on a crazy ride through life, dabbling in drugs, sex, poems, and finding her way back home.

Not to spoil the book for the reader in anyway, I won’t at this moment, list my favorite poem.  That can be done next Thursday when I return to write a review on some topic I choose.  ***Note to Self*** I need to add my calender, per 31dbbb.

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