Bad Hair Day or………

ketchup with us

2-12-2011 hairbands

My B****y Resting Face

This prompt was done for According to Mags – Ketchup With Us Prompt 23


6 responses

  1. That’s doesn’t beeeatcheeey at all, more like you’re trying out for an Audrey Hepburn role.

    1. Audrey Hepburn!!! You just became my new best friend!!! 🙂

  2. Perfect post. PERFECT! It’s literally all we’re asking for this time around. Oh, and I know that this comment is totally off the mark, but you look cute in this picture. BRF adds 10 years to my face. Dude, I’m smiling like the Joker from now on.

    Thanks for playing Ketchup!

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