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So it is Tuesday and I cannot believe it is August already.  I received letters from the middle school, where my 11 year old will be going to for the first time this year.  I received information from the elementary school, where my 7 year old will be beginning her journey in 2nd grade. Ah, time flies.  Okay, to get on with the Monday Listicles, this week is 10 Impractical Things.


1.  Landline phones – In this day and age, it is impractical to pay for a landline service and a cell phone service. Remember, I grew up in the 80’s, where we had a landline, wall mounted phone, with a cord. Now children have cell phones, everyone seems to have cellphones, and you can do banking and other things from a mobile device. I don’t see the point in paying money for both.

2.  Glass tables –  In my 36 years of living, I have owned glass end tables and glass kitchen tables.  Before children were even thought of, I spent an ungodly amount of time cleaning the fingerprints and very visible dust from these tables.  After children, I tried once.  Especially with toddlers learning to walk, their little fingers grasp for the end of the tables.  I found them dangerous as well.  The last set I owned, my 11 year old, who was 7 at the time, fell asleep on the couch watching cartoons.  All was well, until she rolled in her sleep and landed on the glass table.  Thankfully the glass didn’t bust around her, but it did come loose from the table and scared me to death. Glass tables are now banned from my home.

3.  White carpet –  Unless you live alone with absolutely no company at your home or pets, or anything, then white carpet is beautiful in magazines, before people walk through the home,, even with shoes off.  Things get spilled.  One spot, even cleaned obsessively, can ruin the whole look.  

4.  Bottled Water –  I know this one is going to get a lot of disagreements.  Please hear me out first.  I know people who have well water, which taste refreshing, since I’m hooked up to county water.  I understand the wanting of water to be pure without chemicals and such.  I pay a water/garbage bill every month.  It seems impractical to me to buy water for the home.  On a trip, I understand. For the home, I have found just buying the cleansing filters to go over the faucets will suffice.  Also, I shower daily in my water, I don’t buy it. I brush my teeth with the same water, not bottled.  Paying a water bill and then buying water at the store seems like a waste to me. 

5.  Algebra –  I was placed, much to my dismay, in Pre-Algebra while in 7th grade.  I didn’t even know what was happening.  We took some test the end of 6th grade, suddenly my friends are in regular math classes and I’m in Pre-Algebra.  I done the work though. 8th grade comes and I’m placed in, you guessed it, Algebra. I passed with a D. Meaning barely.  Now time for high school.  1 Algebra credit was required to graduate.  I took Algebra in 9th grade, again, but failed. It was boring. 10th grade comes around, I take Algebra, again. Failed. Boring and boring.  This is the point when I get called to the guidance office to speak to the woman about my math credits for high school.  Guess What????  The ‘D’ I managed to make in 8th grade had counted as a high school credit.  Except nobody bothered to wonder why I signed up for Algebra two more times!!!! Besides wasting two years of my life in high school, and by the ‘failed twice’, it’s apparent, I wasn’t catching on, I also have worked many jobs.  I have experience in all sorts of things.  Not one time have I ever had to use Algebra for anything. Not once. Sigh. 

6.  Drinking age by law –  I’m under the assumption that all states in America have this law. Maybe not. Here in Virginia, the drinking age is 21.  Underage possession of alcohol is a charge.  Distributing alcohol to a minor is a huge no no.  What I cannot understand is this, when my 18 year old cousin gets a leave from the Army this fall to come in and visit family, if I buy him a beer, not only will I be breaking the law, but so is he if he’s caught with it.  Now, whether or not I buy him a beer is not the focus.  I just cannot understand a law that allows our children to vote, smoke, and be considered an adult in every sense of the word.  An adult, that even against parents’ wishes can go out and enlist themselves into our military, but may not consume an alcoholic beverage for 3 more years. 

7.  Mini Sodas –  I believe these are 8oz.  I can drink one in a swallow if I’m thirsty.  I’m not sure what the purpose for these are, other than to waste money, when you could have bought the 12oz cans. lol

8.  Microwave Slippers –  I know someone who owns a pair. The plan is to heat the slippers in the microwave for so long, then wear them, and your feet are warm. First, I thought the point of wearing slippers in part, is to keep your feet warm.  Also, I just really don’t feel comfortable wearing something on my feet (or anyone else’s) and then popping it in the microwave. Weird. 

9.  Love Quizzes –  Maybe I’m cynical and I am guilty of taking those ‘love quizzes’ in magazines.   The ones with titles like ‘Is He The One’, ‘Are You Compatible’,  ‘Is He a Cheating, Lying, Dog’.  While fun, I do know people who religious believe that if the magazine says they aren’t compatible, then they are calling off the wedding.  While these types of quizzes can be fun, there is no possible way that answering 10 questions and tallying up your score can predict your love life.

10.  Snooze Buttons –  I probably couldn’t and shouldn’t admit to the times I have overslept because of this button of satan.  The clock goes off, even sitting across the room (as suggested by countless morning people), but I really could use that extra 5 minutes.  Having to reset the clock would be a lot of hassle and then i’d be awake, grumpy, but awake. However, there’s that handy, impractical ‘snooze button’ to hit while half asleep, and bam – instant 5 to 10 minutes.  No harm in that, until I hit it again. After about the 3rd time, the handy snooze button seems to sense I’m not wanting to get up, and the clock stops going off at all. Sigh.  I don’t need this stress.  I make myself late enough. lol. 


So here are my 10 Impractical Items.  I see items that are impractical every minute, but this was actually a hard list for me. hmm.   Head over to Monday Listicles and let everyone know what you find impractical. 


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  1. Ahhh – really cool list.

    I completely agree with the landline phone…haven’t had one in nearly 6 years now. I don’t see the point. However, my parents still live by them, in addition to their cell phone. Glass tables look soooo nice, BUT man-oh-man, the dust accumulation is quick. I totally agree with the water bottles. White carpet…I could never have.

    I think it’s crazy that someone can go to war (and risk my life) and then can’t come home and have a beer. It’s like, you’re an adult on this end, but not on the other. It’s really insulting when you think about it.

    This was a really nice list!

    Happy Belated Listcles Monday.

    1. Thank you. It is rather insulting when you look at it in that sense. Glad you stopped by.

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