Salt In My Wounds

List of words:  head thread sends gravity breath shoes landscape bread plans salt shadow sense


Head throbs from no sleep

Hanging by a thread is my sanity

Plans crushed, dreams lost

Shadow of resentment, it’s a high cost

Throwing salt in my wounds

Makes sense, after all, it’s who you are

Remembering sends my world spinning

Gravity shifts me out of my shoes, I’m torn

Torn apart, turned upside down

Like trying to follow bread crumbs home

After birds flocked down, the landscape

It’s a sad view, everything dying, reminds me of you

My breath is the only sound left

You’re gone, my knees hit the ground

Praying for the hurt to end

How can we go from lovers to just friends?

@ donetta sifford 8-6-2013

Written for: The Sunday Whirl – wordle 120 



5 responses

  1. “Remembering sends my worlds spinning,” is a strong line. I understand it at a deep level. This is beautiful writing.

  2. the mood of sadness is so well resonated; had the poem not ended, i would be absorbed in sadness; good write

    much love…

  3. I think many of your readers will relate to your poems as they (and me too) would have heard these placatory but still hurtful words.

  4. I like how you made “breath” a character. This was tight and emotional strong.

    1. Thank you. This was one poem I didn’t read back over and cringe. lol.

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