Losing Makes Me Sorry

Jen Kehl

It is funny that this week’s Mix Tape 20 is duo’s or duets, because recently on my Google+ page, I shared several songs that were duo’s.  The ones I shared are just ones that I like, maybe a few for meaning, and a few for the great beat. So here we go:

                                          I’ve always been an L.L. Cool J. fan.  Jennifer Lopez, ummm, not so much.  Other than some movies she played in. Ex: Tough.  Here is one of my favorites though. Her and L.L. Cool J. “All I Have”

This next one is not because I was looking to do another duo with Jennifer Lopez but her and Ja Rule singing “I’m Real” is a good song.  I like the way they sing about their problems but tell the world, it’s their problems.  Don’t worry as much as I love Jennifer Lopez with Ja Rule, I’ll leave out their duo together, ‘Ain’t That Funny’. 

I hope this counts, but I have to add it.  I’m not sure if it was meant to be a duo, but I adore Steven Tyler.  Then there’s country music cutie, Carrie Underwood.  This little country girl rocks out with Steven Tyler on her song ‘Undo It’ and then his song ‘Walk This Way”  I love these two together.

It’s something about this song I love. I admire Elton John. Then I have a soft spot for George Michael.  Them together singing ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me’ sounds magical, or at least to me.

I adore this next one.  The voices together are weird. Not perfect harmony like you expect to hear from two people. Maybe it’s because I love and admire both singers.  Maybe because I love this song. Perhaps all 3. Here it is:  Merle Haggard ft. Jewel, ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’.

There are my five songs for duos this week. Hop on over to Jen’s blog and share what you like.  This is a blog hop. A very cool one! 


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  1. OK, Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me is one of my all time favorite, sing your heart out in your car, songs! That one is so awesome. When we did that list way back I put Freedom on there because I couldn't decide between the two AND I didn't want to break my own rules 🙂 Times have changed. This is a great list! Thank you so much again!

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