Blame the Whiskey or Me

Drinking alone tonight.
My misery will have to do
without company to love.
Blaming the whiskey 
as I play our song on the piano.
Remember the orange sundress
you wore the first time you
ever seen and heard me play. 
Wise beyond your years,
from a lifetime of tears, losing.
Yet, an innocence I can’t explain,
the way you kissed me that day.
Knew I had your heart if I wanted.
Gave you up, said it was for the best.
Billions of reasons practiced in my head.
Closed my heart to your tears. 
Ignored every kind word you spoke.
Decided I loved another, though 
I don’t recall how I planned to forget you.
Now seems I got what I ask for.
For you to leave me alone, move on,
stop living on fantasies and hope. 
Blame it on the whiskey, if I seem 
a little weak, for tomorrow I’ll be
cold and heartless again, love. 

@ donetta sifford 8-17-2013

Written for:  Poets of G+ 
Weekend Showcase

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