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***Blogger’s Note***  Last time I wrote the Five Sentence Fiction, I based it on a woman named Dreama, coming to terms with death and wondering whether her family would miss her or be happy to go through her items.  This character is based very loosely on someone I knew.  I think, I’m going to flashback for a while in her mind, and see where that leads me.  Thank you all for the compliments that I can perhaps write something besides poetry. Here we go.

Lillie McFerrin Writes


     Her fingers traced the lace of the handkerchief she had sown for him 48 years ago.  His family came by often because their father’s worked in the coal mines together, and Dennis, turning 18 that summer, headed to the mines with them.  They hadn’t been on a date yet when she sat up all night and sewed a handkerchief that was perfect, with his initials in the corner, because he was constantly sniffing it seemed.  Blushing now remembering, his parents were leaving, so she rushed outside to stop him.                                                                  “Hey Dennis.  Made you this cause your nose is always running.” 

Written for: Five Sentence Fiction

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  1. I loved your piece, and also the idea of the 5 sentence fiction – it would certainly tighten up my terrible habit of procrastination! Lol

    1. I just found it recently. It’s a challenge for me because I write poetry, and not so much fiction or stories. Then, I can tend to ramble without realizing. Heaven forbid, my memoir would be bigger than a dictionary. So, the 5 sentence fiction gives me restrictions. lol. Thank you for stopping by.

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