Phony People

painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Decided tonight, with gin on my breath,
if these square, hypocrites railroad me,
then I’m going to have some fun.
Most women here admire my pink
lace slipping just into sight, and
men, the very ones that stare so stern,
half of them have laid with me under 
my satin sheets, told me secrets they
dare not tell their wives, or any other.
Morning will come and I’ll head out,
find another town to lay my head down.
I do have friends in low places, better
than none at all, but these phony people
won’t cause me to lower my eyes in shame.
I’m a working girl, but I have more morals
and loyalty than everyone in this place.
Except for him. He never hid our affairs.
Nor is he here tonight to witness my goodbye.

@ donetta sifford 8-17-2013

Written for:  The Mag 181


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  1. May he miss you deeply.

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