So Soon

Last weekend before school starts Tuesday!!!

Written for: 6 Word Saturday

7 responses

  1. The rest of the family started yesterday. Summer went fast, didn't it?

  2. Where in the world are people that school is starting already?? Here in Ontario, we have two more weeks… which I desperately need as a new professor and as a parent who hasn't bought my little guy all his back-to-school gear yet. The summer is flying, though….

  3. No school-aged younguns for me so back to school is not an issue. Funny, when I was young, we didn't return to school until after the Labor Day holiday.

  4. Yep, I am getting ready for classes on Tuesday.

  5. Oh yeah, I remember that time of year well. No more for me, thanks. I just started receiving my Teachers' Retirement pension.

  6. Thank you. It seems I keep working on it because it just doesn't quite suit me. lol.

  7. Heck, where did that go??? 🙂
    Love your header.

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