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Lots of 1st that everyone goes through.   I can share my first time at our maximum security jail and my 10 day stay in December 2004.  In Virginia, 1st offense driving is a warning, 2nd time is a phone call for someone licensed to come drive you home, 3rd time, 10 mandatory days in jail. Lesson learned!! 


***Blogger’s Note***  I forgot about the 57 words or less and had a huge story to go with this.  As I said this was in 2004, lesson well learned, don’t drive on a revoked license, but I do have to say that to have a maximum security jail in this area is not only unreasonable, they honestly helped nobody by building this. Thank you.  

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  1. PLEASE write more about this experience. I find it so interesting. I secretly have always wanted to spend a week in jail. With bodyguards and TV cameras following me around, of course. Like a reality show! 🙂

    1. rofl. I got the prompt mixed up and had written the entire story, then remembered 57 words or less. I didn’t have bodyguards or cameras, other than the ones the jail provided in the blocks. My county used to have a Barney Fife type jail, where inmates could look out the bars on top floor and whistle at chics walking by. They tore it down and built a maximum security jail. So, many people were waiting to go to prison. Thing is in this area, there is very few crimes that require a maximum security jail. It’s full of addicts that need some real recovery treatment in this area, not jail. I feel very strongly about that. I may get around to writing about it.
      If I ever go back, should I cause a scene and get NBC news cameras swarming?? 🙂 lol

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