10 Basic Foods I Love

Coming from Monday Listicles, a list about food.   I listed the simple, most things I love to eat and live off of during a month.  I don’t have an eating disorder.  I just enjoy these things.

1.  Cereal –  Captain Crunch and Honey Combs is what I normally switch between.  I love my Honey Combs with Very Vanilla Soy Milk.

2.  Creme Filled Donuts –  I adore the creme filled donuts at Sheetz.

3.   Manwich –  Easy to cook and taste good.

4.   Macaroni Salad – I love macaroni salad and not to sound cocky, but I prefer my own.  This is only because my grandmother and her sister showed me how to make it and they had their own style.

5.  Brownies –  I adore baking, especially sweet things and my girls love baking brownies with me.

6.  Breakfast –  This is what  I basically call it when I make scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, and biscuits for breakfast or dinner.  This is probably one of my favorite meals.

7.  Baked Beans –  I adore the way my granny showed me to make this too.  I love bacon on top and tangy tasting.

8.  McDonald’s Chicken Sandwiches –  I don’t think I will ever tire of McDonald’s chicken sandwiches from the $1 menu.

9.  Carnation Instant Breakfast –  I take spells where I can live off this for a week or two.

10.  Frozen microwavable sausage biscuits – for some reason I adore the taste of these.


There’s the simple, most things I eat in a month.  What’s yours?


2 responses

  1. “Carnation Instant Breakfast – I take spells where I can live off this for a week or two.” I had a Instant Breakfast phase back in college… but I am caught more by the ‘week or two’ lol I have this food thing where I (seem) to be able to live on one food group for a really ridiculous length of time…
    (currently in a Fritos phase… easily 85% or my daily nutrition is frito lay-centric … I do cheat and take vitamins…)

  2. Sometimes, cereal in the middle of the night really hits the spot for me. I also like the frozen Jimmy Dean line of turkey sausage croissants and English muffins – I think they are so good. As for doughnuts, I have a weak spot for headlights.

    Happy Belated Listicles Monday!

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