Day 5 Gratitude Challenge – Adversary/Adversaries

~Go up close to your friend, but do not go over to him! We should also respect the enemy in our friend~  Friedrich Nietzsche



Here we are on Day 5 of the 14 day Gratitude Challenge and here is our task:  

Your Task: Identify 3 Things to Appreciate about Your Adversary

  1. Think of at least one person who used to be/is an opposing force in your life today. This person can be a childhood-friend-turned-enemy, a friend/social contact you secretly dislike, a family member, an ex-lover, a workplace colleague, business competitor, an acquaintance you dislike, etc. If you can think of more, even better!
  2. Identify 3 things to appreciate about this person. For example, if I think about a business acquaintance whom I’m not a fan of due to his unauthenticity, I realized 3 things to appreciate are: (a) He is highly successful in his domain, which is by no means due to luck, (b) He is highly opportunistic, and (c) He is diligent and family-centered, which are good values. These three things are all things I can learn from.
  3. Share your reflections in the comments section!

First person to come to mind is my ex-tenant, who is also my boyfriend’s step-sister.  I had to give her a 30 day notice because she was destroying my home.  I grew up in that house, raised by my grandparents, it was deeded to me along with 2.5. acres land, and it’s all I have left of my grandparents as well as to leave for my children.  In fact, she spent the 30 days of the notice trashing the place.  I’m still cleaning it.  I can easily find qualities in people that are not healthy in my life.  All kinds of people touch our life and we can’t expect everyone to be honest, lovable, friends for life.  I admire about this person, regardless of her trashing my home, 1)  Her sense of humor is great and there was a time her and I shared a lot of laughs.  2)  She has a loyalty to her mom, even when her mom is wrong.  That kind of loyalty is hard to come by and I would like for my loved ones to know I’m loyal.  3)  I can’t deny she loves her daughter.  That’s a value, I as a mother, respect. 

Today I am thankful:  My daughters were able to get everything on their school supply list and some outfits.  My oldest daughter begins middle school tomorrow and she is excited.  My youngest goes back Wednesday for 2nd grade and she is extremely excited as well as very grateful for her Hello Kitty book bag.  They both are grateful for the items they received and that means I’m doing something right as a parent. 

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