Katie Makkai – Pretty

This is a spoken word poem/art. It gave me chills at the end and moved me very much. I have two children. My oldest is 11 and she started 6th grade this year. She questions me is she pretty. This video sums up how I want to answer her question. She will never be just merely pretty. She will be so much more than what media tells women they need to be. I’m ashamed to admit, I’m not a good role model when it comes to showing her there is more to life than looking pretty. I’m trying to change that through education and job changes. I want both my daughters to look at me and realize, even at 36, people can turn their lives around, attend college, find forgiveness, respect themselves, own their mistakes without shame or blame, and find happiness they didn’t have before by simply not loving themselves as much as they should, as much as they love any other person.

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