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Mama Kat’s Writing Prompt:

1.) Your sixth grade teacher.
2.) A blog post inspired by the word: diapers
3.) Open your picture folders, close your eyes and pick a random photo to share and write about.
4.) What is your favorite age? If you could stay that age forever, would you?
5.) List 6 people or things that deserve to take a time out!


I honestly cannot remember 6th grade very well.  Other than after that year, they did tell the principal not to ever allow my best friend and I to have a class together.  Diapers, thank goodness I’m out of that stage with my children.  Think I’m going with number 5.  

6 People/Things that deserve to take a time out. 

1.   People on Facebook that change their profile pictures everyday, and have an obscene amount of photos, of only themselves. Time out for a week. 

2.   Anyone in a check out line that says “20 items or less”, but they have a buggy packed full of at least 100 items or more.  Time out from a short check out line for a month.

3.   When it’s 4 a.m. in the morning, and someone like me has insomnia, those commercials that last an hour about some fitness product, where they spend an hour telling you how good it works, have real life people who have tried these products, stores wonderfully folded up under your bed, and this offer is only good for the next 45 minutes left of the commercial.  Hurry call now for your free trial and if you enjoy the product from hell, you can pay in installment plans for $99.95 for the next 11 months and the product is yours. Call in the next 15 minutes and you even get the free bottle of water.  Time out for those commercials for 6 months.

4.   Friends who visit your home and bring Little Johnny to play with your child.  The doctors keep saying Little Johnny has ADD and actually shows signs of being a sociopath, idiots.  He is just a bit hyper and is only destroying your home and terrorizing your child because he is a genius that gets bored easily. Those friends, time out until Little Johnny is old enough to stay home alone, or in a juvenile detention center, which ever comes first. 

5.  The ones that post those images on Facebook that announce, “If you love God you will share this post for everyone to see.  If you keep scrolling, you’re soul will burn in a pit of fiery hell forever.”  Time out, forever.

6.  Friends or associates that will text 7 out of 7 text messages and then if you try to call, won’t answer the phone.  Time out from text messages for a month, and perhaps even being forced to use the wall mounted, rotary phone, with a cord, no caller i.d., voice mails, two-way calling……… the ones like I grew up with.  

There’s my list of time outs.  Hop over to Mama Kat’s Losin’ It and pick a prompt. 


4 responses

  1. I always count items as the person ahead of my is unloading their buggy in the express lane. Irritates me to know end that some people think their time is more valuable than mine and try to slip a big ol’ load through there! I also hate infomercials. And those stupid Facebook posts! I think God knows where I stand without me having to re-post it on Facebook!

  2. Love your list and agree with every one! LOL Especially the one about little Johnny!

    1. lol. I can’t make this up. My god-daughter visited for awhile this evening and she has a ‘Little Johnny’. I find it strange to love a child so much and just wish mommy would give him an old fashioned spanking. 🙂

  3. Yes I agree on ALL of those time outs!

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