Day 7 – Dear Me

Got a few days behind on the 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge.  Better late than never.  So, today is Day 7.  Being grateful to ourselves.  I’m just going to write a letter to myself. 

Dear Me,  

I am thankful to you for wanting to try new things, whether it’s new organizing skills, new challenges such as this, or bungee jumping.  I appreciate your open mind.  I am also grateful that you can step back from most situations and see both sides of a story, even if one party includes you.  You can reason as to why someone has a different point of view.  I am thankful to you that even though you accept other’s opinions as theirs, you don’t conflict who you are to accommodate their opinions.  

I’m hard on you and I’m sorry.  I have to be because there is no one left to push me.  The difficult things you’ve went through in life, including suffering the death of immediate family, hasn’t left you too bitter.  You have two beautiful daughters now and you love them.  All parents make mistakes.  The important thing is you love them, listen to them, and recognize when you are wrong.  I will try to take it easier on you when you make mistakes.

This is a lifelong question for most people; do they wish they were anyone other than themselves.  I’m grateful that you are you.  You are not jealous of your friends nor want to be them.  You are grateful for your friends and happy for any accomplishments they make.  You sometimes feel as if your friends have a more stable life than you do at your age.  37 in November is not the end of the world.  Far from old. Age is a number and feeling young is a state of mind.  At the end of the day, even though you need to fix things in your life, I’m grateful you have chosen to take college courses, do yoga more, and be the best you that you can be.  There is nobody else in the world that has your charm, knowledge of your feelings, and even your quirky mental disorders. ex: bipolar, ocd, anxiety.  These are part of who you are and if your medicine doesn’t work someday’s, you are still you. 

Love Always, 

Me (Netta)

Felt a bit strange writing a letter to myself. My 3 things I am grateful for today are:  1.  I can be sorta silly and write a letter to myself.  2.  I realize I am grateful to me for wanting to learn new things and further my education even at 36, almost 37 years old.  3.  I am grateful that I recognize mistakes and try to correct them. 

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