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Time for Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction.  I have only recently begun to attempt to write stories rather than poetry.  So, please be patient.  This week is based around the piece I done for the last Five Sentence Fiction.   Here we go:


    Tear’s threatened to overflow and spill from her green eyes.  Dreama had known for awhile that she was dying and had been preparing herself for the moment for months.  Thinking back to all the wonderful memories she had gathered up in her lifetime and stored away in her mind, made her feel melancholy. Rain pelted against the window where she sat, staring outside, but focusing on nothing of importance.  Her mind roamed with images of roads she had traveled and  remembering a night in the rain when her and Dennis went on their first date.  

@ donetta sifford

Written for: Five Sentence Fiction


6 responses

  1. I liked it, too. Maybe there is a time when nothing is as important as memories.

    1. This is true. Sometimes all we have are our memories.

  2. Wow! That’s great… to be able to pack so much into five sentences. I may have to look into that. I’m just not sure I can do it.

  3. What happens to all of those memories, when we go? A lovely offering for this week’s prompt.

  4. You’re making a very good start with writing prose! This piece has the fine imagery and beauty of your lovely poetry. :))

    1. Thank you very much. It’s a bit challenging but I’m glad someone liked it. 🙂

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