Time Of Madness

In this time
of madness, restless
nights spent staring
relentlessly at the moon,
leave me to my own delusions.
In this realm
of nothingness, loneliness,
days spent longing
helplessly for something new,
stay clear of all my confusions. 
In this time
of darkness, weeping
quietly beneath my blankets,
offer me no shoulder for crying.
In this realm
of despair, bleeding
from the razor’s edge,
keep your bandages away.
There will come a time
when you resent all I am.
Resent my moodiness, 
that tarnishes your happiness.
Don’t try to understand me,
don’t try to save me, please,
you will only end up hating me.
Despising that my drowning sadness
pulled you under, even though
you tread water longer than anyone.

@ donetta sifford 8-24-2013
written for: Poets of G+ Prompt of the Week

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