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She twirled around the fire,

looking like an updated 70’s child.
Didn’t care who’d she come with.
Her smile reminded me of summer.
Magnetic pull had my head spinning.
Found myself walking her to my truck.
Wasn’t too much talking happening.
Checking in a motel, I felt young, free.
Soft hair outlined her angel face.
Realized she was drinking tequila straight.
Head started spinning when we kissed.
Anything after, somehow I missed.
Woke up with sun painfully blinding me.
Trying to get my balance and memory.
Seen a note on my boots, I laughed.
‘Borrowed your truck, I’ll be back.’

@ donetta sifford 8-28-2013

Written for: 100 Word Song
This is written with the prompt of Pearl Jam’s song Once. 

I love to hear Pearl Jam’s version of Last Kiss.  From this album, Ten, I love to listen to the song, Black.

There are only a couple of Pearl Jam songs that I dislike.  Dislike isn’t the word.  More like can listen to them, or not. I love Eddie Vedder’s voice and lyrics.  What I really dig about him, is 1. he surfs. 2. lyrics came to him while surfing. How cool is that. Jump over to Lance’s blog because he knows way more about music than I. 


8 responses

  1. I love that last line! And tequila straight 😉

  2. tequila is evil stuff. I had a fun night in Mexico once…there might have been a wet t-shirt contest…

  3. Thank you. I actually had trouble bringing it to an end. So, it just kinda popped in my head.

  4. lol, that or he should have hidden his keys, with a stranger, no less.

  5. It's funny because if I'm not drinking my sweet White Russians, I will only drink tequila straight, no salt or limes. I think because as a rebellious teenager I drank Beam all the time, just to get drunk. Went to a club on my 21st bday and the fun was gone. In 2002 to 2005, I was a bartender. It made me feel sick to smell Beam or any other brown liquor. lol

  6. I liked this a lot Donetta. Great last line!

  7. They should have just stayed in the truck….:)

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm remembering the last time I drank tequila. What a hangover!

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