Day 10 – Tipping

Reading over Celes’ 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge,  I find it interesting that in Singapore, tipping is not custom as it is here in the United States.  I haven’t had any service recently, but I can share my last service and also about me working for tips.   I worked as a bartender for our local Moose Lodge from 2002 to 2005.  Most places in my area in Virginia, if you receive tips or can receive tips, the pay hourly is very low.  Last time I worked somewhere like that was in 2007 and that was at the Waffle House.  I think my hourly pay was $3.50.  Working night shift though, I done well on tips.  The Moose Lodge was an exception.  I started out hourly pay $6.00, and then received a raise of $6.50 an hour, plus my tips. The tips were good there for me.  I worked on weekends, stayed until closing which was 2 a.m. and they held a dance on Saturday nights that brought in a lot of guest.  I’m not bragging but I work hard at any job I have and I worked hard there.  Half the time it seemed I was running because I never let a customer go without a drink in place, food they ordered, and I made sure the bar area was stocked and clean, the ice bins, and other things to make it easier on the next person coming in the next morning.  

The last service I have had, that a tip is expected, is a place called Happy Nails.  I adore the way they do my nails, but money is tight so I go there to get my eyebrows waxed. The charge for that has went up the past year, which isn’t bad.  It cost $8.00 to have your eyebrows waxed and they do an extremely good job.  Plus, I hate the pain of tweezers. I suppose if I were going by the 15% rule, I’d tip $1.20 or round that up to $1.50.  I always usually have $10 and just tip whomever waxes my eyebrows, $2.00.  For one thing, I have went there for years.  I was going there in 2003 to lay in the tanning bed that is no longer there, and have my nails done. Also, my eyebrows and lips.  I have dark hair so I tend to get bushy eyebrows and a dark line above my lip. Since I have been using their service for so many years, they know my name, my daughters’ names., my boyfriend’s name, ect.  I’m never left waiting long.  This is a husband and wife business.  They get a lot of people in there for nails, pedicures, and things like that.  When they see me walk in, they know I only want about 10 minutes of their time, where as someone getting nails put on can take well over 30 minutes.  So, they will go ahead and take me to the back.  It’s the friendliness and personal level I have gotten used to.  In fact there was one time i had no change, so I tipped the wife $5.00.  So, I paid all in all, $13.00 for my eyebrows. 

I won’t lie.  There have been times, I won’t tip.  In fact, there was an incident last summer where my boyfriend laid tip money on the table and I picked it back up, disgusted at his way of going along with how things are done, instead of thinking about how the waitress was as helpful as a doctor would have been working there n the dining room.  It seemed to piss her off that she wrote down the orders wrong and I requested the right order.  Then, god forbid, I wanted another White Russian.  Though the place was not busy and she had one or two other tables.  She seemed to be more interested in staying up front to speak to the cooks and it was a hassle to even get the bill.  I was surprised she had it correct.  So, no, I refuse to tip people who don’t deserve it.  I figure they should invest in a new line of work.  There are several places that are now adding the tip in with the bill, such as Applebees.  In a way, I feel like that’s unfair.  The bottom line is the waiter/ waitress can be rude, incompetent, and not care because they know they’ll still receive tips. 

Moving on, 3 things I’m grateful for today:  1.  I am grateful I had the money to give both my children this morning for activities at school, yes already. lol.   2.  I am grateful that my boyfriend’s daughter, who just turned 22 years old, found her a reliable car to drive.  3.  I am actually grateful that his daughter loves my children and doesn’t harbor any resentment toward them because her dad and mom couldn’t work out, so they split up.  Where he’s been in my girls’ life for going on 8 years, plus he’s gotten older, so he’s more settled down.  She held some jealousy for a year or two.  She has grown to be a gorgeous woman and she treats my daughters and tells everyone, they are her sisters.  For this I am completely happy.  She also calls me her step mom and I feel good about that.  

My step daughter, Kayla with a good friend, Robert. 2013

My step daughter, Kayla with a good friend, Robert. 2013



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