The Word Is: Over – Look It Up

Jen Kehl

This week’s mix tape theme fits my life right now.  Not because I’ve been burned recently, or burned anyone.  However, I live in a town, population 400 and that means gossip. I’m being sincere, look it up, Parrott, Virginia 24132.  The town is so small you can literally use the address I just typed, and mail me a letter.  You don’t need my P.O. Box. There’s only one Donetta and the post lady has known me 36 years.
Sometimes, this life rocks for so many reasons.  Other times, not so much. I realized on Facebook, over half my friends know me in my everyday life.  That’s where I rant and am not so poetic. Actually, I post songs, groovy quotes, play games, and hop off. Anyhow, rumors started flying that I was seeing an ex.  An ex of many years.  My current boyfriend dated and lived with me 9 months, way back in 2000/2001.  He moved.  I was with my girls’ father for the next 4 years.  Then the beginning of 2006, I had my 7 year old, my boyfriend from 2000/2001 moved back in, and we’ve been together almost 8 years.
Okay, enough of my life story.  The point, ahem, I suppose my ex is still having ego issues because he told people in our little town that I had been with him in the past few months.  Total lie. Who would believe it? pfft. Only my dumb ass boyfriend, whom I adore, adoring him doesn’t make him any less of a dumb ass. sigh. So,  I guess, my mix tape is to my ex. 
            ***wake up. my life story is over. cool songs right now***

The word’s ‘forgiveness’, Look It Up.  It’s what Jesus has in store for you, but I don’t no matter what.   ~  Look It Up by Ashton Shepard.  Have to love the video of her selling his things and giving him words with definitions.  Definitely a degrading song if you’re the man she is giving English lessons to.  I can dig it.

~And here’s all your lies, you can look me in the eyes with that sad, sad look that you wear so well~  Gives You Hell ~ All American Rejects.  I love this song.  The video is amusing. I really dig his sarcastic jabs at her life sucking and him doing fine, and hoping it makes her miserable.  I can feel that spiteful right now toward Mr. X for a reason. ha!

~It won’t be the first heart that you’ll break,
it won’t be the last, beautiful girl.  The one that you wrecked won’t take you back, if you were the last beautiful girl in the world.~ Last Beautiful Girl by Matchbox 20.  I love the melancholy feel to this song, while he’s still letting her know, he won’t take her back if she was the last beautiful girl in the world.  A closure song and empowering.  Had to fit Matchbox 20 in here. 🙂

~I’m strong enough to say, that I don’t want to take the high road now. Just so typical of you to walk away when your perfect little world is burning down………… I know I said I’m sorry, but that’s not what I meant to say~
Love listening to Daughtry singing What I Meant To Say. Retracting apologies and saying what you really think is underrated.

~Well, I hope that the friend you’ve thrown yourself with gets drunk and loses his job. And that the road you’re traveling on gets dusty, rocky,  and hard……all in all if the curtain should fall, i hope that it falls on you~
I adore listening to Waylon Jennings sing Mental Revenge. Especially on his 1983 album, It’s Only Rock & Roll.  I was skeptical at first when I seen Jamey Johnson had covered the song.  I have to say, the different style, from being faster to slower, and his entire spin of the song, he made it his own.  Isn’t mental revenge the sweetest?

~I will laugh, i’ll get drunk, I’ll take someone home~
I know that I cheated and threw in this Pink song, making 6 videos.  It was for a worthy cause though.  Pink is awesome, at least in her songs, about telling her loser where to go. 

Please excuse my details of small town gossip, I guess since  only a couple of  people from blogs  know me in day to day life, I’m more free to voice how rumors can destroy other’s lives and how it bothers me. Where as, on Facebook, I am bitter, harsh, and play the part of a bitch because I know my little followers can’t wait to tell my boyfriend, whom doesn’t own a Facebook account, nor any other social networking account. He has an email. lol. Thanks Jen!!!   Hop over to Twisted Tuesday MixTape and play along!  Free candy to all. Not really!!!! lol.  Lots of fun promised and if you’re like me, you’ll discover songs you never knew existed.  This is a blog hop…………  


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  1. you are exactly right. that was finally the conclusion i came to. my bf grew up here too. if anyone should know me, it should be him. buying into gossip over my word, very uncool. he's decided that it's just rumors. there's a quote i like; “In small towns, news travels at the speed of boredom.”
    ― Carlos Ruiz Zafón
    that about sums it up. after living here almost 37 years, it doesn't bother me. i've learned not to tell anyone anything that i don't want the whole town to know. then, i've thought about recording myself, so it gets told right. as long as it's just about me, and it's not causing problems with my daughters or between my bf and i, i can overlook most. trust, especially in a small town like this, is a must. thank you.

  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog, I appreciate the visit! I grew up in a small town too, and learned to hate it for these very reasons, everyone knows you, and everyone needs something to talk about – even if it's you, and at your expense. Gossip runs rampant, doesn't have to be true. And it causes so many problems. Nothing is more pathetic than ex who can't let it go, obviously unable to move ahead with his life. The people there who are your real friends will believe you, and if your current boyfriend doesn't, I'd be considering that. Trust is essential for a couple to make it!

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