Day 11 – Taken For Granted

3 things I take for granted:  that is the task today for the 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge.  

1.  I can say that sometimes I take my boyfriend for granted.  I get used to the things he does for me and forget to tell or show him how thankful I am.  I am working on this.  Just simply saying thank you to him, makes him feel appreciated. There are a lot of other things I can do also.

2.  I know I take having a computer and internet for granted.  There are a lot of my friends that don’t have either.  Although, I can’t buy them one, I do encourage them to come use mine anytime they want.

3.  I believe sometimes I take the nice weather for granted.  I’ll miss it when winter comes around.  So, today I want to take my children to do some outdoor activities. 

3 things I’m grateful for:  1.  I realized things and people I take for granted.   2.  Grateful I can fix these things and enjoy the nice weather.  3.  I am grateful my children love our neighbor’s baby and since our neighbor lost her mother during the spring, my children go over on weekends and help her with the baby. My children are great. 

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