Day 12 of #Gratitude

I was looking over my 3 things I listed for Day 11.   So here is Day 12 of the 14 Days of  Gratitude Challenge.  I mentioned sometimes I take for granted that I have a computer an internet.  Though I don’t mind sharing these things, I also had mentioned I take my boyfriend for granted with little things he does.  So last night, I turned my computer off super early and simply watched a movie with my boyfriend while my daughters stayed with friends.  He appreciated the time together and so did I.  I thought a lot about taking simple things for granted and had an idea pop into my head for Christmas.  

In 2011, my oldest daughter brought me home from school a Wandering Jew plant for Mother’s Day.  It is becoming fuller and beautiful.  I decided for my boyfriend’s mother and for his sister-n-law, I’m getting some cute pots and I already have starters in a vase that are sprouting roots.  I normally put these back into my plant to keep it thick looking.  I’m going to plant these starters in new pots and give them to his mother and sister-n-law because they adore my plant, and it’s a gift that keeps growing.  

3 things I’m thankful for today:  It’s Labor Day weekend, so the girls and I will have an extra day to sleep in.  I’m thankful that after going on 3 weeks, they are still enjoying school.  I am also grateful for the moderate weather, not to cold and not too hot.      What are you grateful for??

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