Pedestal’s Too High

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Conversations of lost times
have left me confused, how
could you believe I left you
behind, a spot light following
me everywhere I was, shining.
     Even now talking with you,
I long to apologize, sorry you
placed me upon a pedestal, high.
Had I known, I’d eased your mind.
Assure you the comparison made
of our friendship was a waste.
          Self doubt cast shadows
on who I want to be, surreal 
confidence, takes a lot of pills.
Wrong diagnosis, times of crazy,
now, finally I can breathe again. 
Still think you hung the moon,
I’m honored you call me,  friend.

@ donetta sifford  9-7-2013
Written for: 100 Word Song by Lance

I had the honor of picking this week’s song choice and I am happy to say, not only have I just stumbled upon awesome music, Lance, aka music snob, enjoys The National also! 


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  1. Wow. So true and poetic. Nicely done.

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