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Jen Kehl

Anyone who sees my Facebook page or anything to do with music probably knows, Matchbox 20 is my favorite band in the world.  I have been listening to Rob Thomas since he was in a band called ‘Tabitha’s Secrets’.  From there he went to Matchbox 20.  Then some solo, and a new album of Matchbox 20 was released not too long ago.  I recently ran across a band that ranks right on top with Matchbox 20, and that’s saying a lot since I have loved Rob way back in the ’90’s.  The National singing ‘Graceless’ is amazing. Thanks to Lance, I listened to ‘Demon’ earlier.  
Ah for now though, if I had to pick out the top 5 Matchbox 20 songs ever, they would be……….. 

This is one of the songs that was originally recorded by Tabitha’s Secret.  This is the live version of Matchbox 20 singing ‘You and I and I’.  I adore the way he admits, it’s not him, it’s her. 

If you guys seen Matchbox 20 and shook your heads, and decided to skim through a couple songs posted here, that’s cool.  So, if I had to choose 1 song from these 5 to listen to, it’s their version of Cyndi Laupher’s song ‘Time After Time’.  I adored Cyndi singing it in the 80’s.  I believe Rob’s voice done the song justice and Cyndi would be happy. 
This is the longer version of their song ‘You Won’t Be Mine’.  Rob Thomas has proven on several songs that he has mad piano skills.  This version is absolutely beautiful.  
This next song by Matchbox 20 is a weird type of song, but for some reason I can listen to it over and over.  It’s called ‘Busted’. 
Finally the 5th song of choice is from their latest album, North.  It’s called ‘Our Song’ and it’s a fun video.  It can be taken as singing to a lover.  I think they were in part singing about when Rob Thomas went solo for awhile and how it changed the band.  Now that they are back together, they sound better than ever. 
There you have it………….. my top 5 picks for Matchbox 20.  This is a blog hop, so hop over to Jen’s blog and let everyone know the top 5 greatest hits, according to you,  from a band you like. 


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  1. Thank you. I think I have every album except for North, the new one. I even own Rob Thomas' solo albums.

  2. You are very welcomed. The first time I heard them, I thought, they wrote the soundtrack of my life. lol.

  3. They first came out when I was managing the record store, it's amazing how much really great music came out of this little pocket of time. It coincided with Nirvana, Lemonheads, Radiohead, Beck and so much more. I love their new stuff. It's a great new sound for them! Thanks for this great list!

  4. lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog

    I own their first albums and that greatest hits collection they put out about 5 years ago. Long Day, Push, Back @ Good, great songs on that first record. They're a pop rock band that's proud of it and Rob Thomas is good on the Twitter. Thumbs up

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