Star Light, Star Bright

 Did I find you as a child,
when I was a believer?
Or did you shine, wishing star,
to teach me of deceivers?
Wishing with all my might,
you remained unresponsive. 
Twinkling unconcerned.

@ donetta sifford
Written for: Trifecta

18 responses

  1. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I know. I still sneak a wish every now and again when I see the first star out. lol

  3. Thank you. I'm glad you stopped by.

  4. Thank you for stopping by. Glad you liked it.

  5. Thank you. Truth is I still wish on the first star. Not that it's came true. lol

  6. Thank you very much. 🙂

  7. Thank you very much.

  8. This is a nice modernization of a classic apostrophe. Great job!
    Thank you for linking up!

  9. Fantastic way to look at a (wishing)star-loved it:-)

  10. Beautiful piece with a sad but real message.

  11. “remained unresponsive”– great line!! really enjoyed this piece.


  12. This hit the memory, bang on. Well done, Donetta. :))

  13. This is cool. My star wishes never came true, either 🙂

  14. This is a great entry!

  15. Our first brush with disappointment! Terrific apostrophe, and lovely poem.

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