Mary Magdalene’s Love

For You have risen above
as I kneel on this river bank.
My red hair flowing, untamed.
For my heart knows truth.
Now there is jealousy 
in hearts of few disciples. 
Peter, to me, said, “Sister,
we know that the Savior
loved you more than all 
other women, tell us words
of the Savior, that only you
remember, because we 
haven’t heard them yet.”
So, I spoke, only for Peter
to become bitter, demanding,
wanting to know did You
love me more, and it was I 
who loved You, for casting
seven demons out of me.
I loved You, would not leave
as they took You, hanging
your glorious, holy body
upon the cross, bloody.
It was I who waited 
by your tomb, and I
was the first to see You
when You rose, it was I,
Mary of Magdalene, 
whom cried as You spoke.
Telling me to no longer
cling to you as before.
I ran to tell your disciples,
Levi defending me, proudly.
Telling them You had made 
me worthy above all men.
Now, I kneel, as I knelt 
at your feet, your clean hands,
wiping all dirt from my soul.
I weep for our secret talks.
I weep for your hands now.
I rejoice I was the chosen.

@ donetta sifford 9-16-2013

Written for: +Poets of G+

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