Bye Bye Love and Happiness

Jen Kehl

***Blogger’s Note:  After getting the blog hop link, I realized Jen had shared ‘Rock Around The Clock’ also………. I didn’t copy her, I promise.  I’m way too tired to change it now. Maybe it’s just ‘great minds and all’.  I read over her list first, too.  I was way excited about Charlie and Jim.***

I have insomnia and it’s Anything Goes this week on Jen’s Twisted MixTape Tuesday!  Fun, and just let it flow……………… 

I adored this show for years and every now and again it comes on t.v. That’s when I lecture my 11 year old on real music, and school her some. Happy Days theme song and I chose the 1974 version, ‘Rock Around The Clock’ by Bill Haley and His Comets.  I wasn’t born until ’76 but I have loved this song since memory kicked in.  And the Fonz was hot, “Heeeyyyy”

Speaking of growing up, they were just ‘Good Ol’ Boys’, never meaning no harm, beats all I ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they were born. Waylon Jennings had another version of this song where he sings in the second part about showing his hands and not his face on T.V.  I’m assuming because a few times they showed him strumming his guitar at the beginning……… have to look that up.  Either way, I still listen to this song.  I was a Bo fan, and Jessica Simpkins is no Daisy Duke……. Daisy rocks her cut off shorts and long legs.  Luke, I liked him after I was older.  
Now remember, I said I was born in ’76.  My grandparents raised me, and I still own this record that belonged to my grandfather.  I grew up in an era where cigarettes were still cool, and the Surgeon General wasn’t so worried about things like health.  Unfortunately, I haven’t kicked the habit and I haven’t stopped listening to Roger Miller sing ‘Dad Blame Anything, A Man Can’t Quit’. Just a catchy tune.  (smoking is not cool anymore)…. had to place some warning. My daughters may actually read my blog one day….. maybe.
Still own this record that belonged to my aunt.  Growing up and living in a very small town, this song holds some truth to it, as well as having her catchy voice.  ‘Satan Place’ is one of the many songs I love to sing.  I almost can carry her twang…….. well, in the shower, almost. Jeannie C. Riley folks.

I adore this song.  I watched a movie at my mom’s and it was called, ‘Bye Bye Love’.  A 1995 film about divorce and the kids, ect.  Meaningful yet light humored.  Starring Randy Quaid, Matthew Modine, and Paul Reiser.  Of course, ‘Bye Bye Love’ was the theme song.  I drove my mom crazy that summer singing this song.  I know the song says ‘think I’m going to die’, but it’s a upbeat type of heartbreak. 

There’s my list and this is what happens when Jen tells us to go with the flow and anything goes.  So, this playlist brings me to my happy places for so many reasons other than just the songs.  Go link up and roll with it……….. 

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  1. Daisy and Roscoe………… I love that! 🙂

  2. Ok. I LOVE THIS!
    I love every single one of those theme songs, and I have more than one on playlists of my own. You know my dogs are named Daisy and Roscoe….

  3. I think so too. Her style and voice range were different for her time.

  4. Thank you. Yeah, I went back a bit. I listen to so many different artist and types of music. Glad you stopped by. 🙂

  5. lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog

    The way she sings Harper Valley PTA is so punk. Great song.

  6. Wow Donetta… just as your last paragraph states, this list takes you 'back' to a different time, memory lane, etc. Kinda makes you think.

    Very nice & Thanks, Slu

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