Wrong Timing

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Know it was a waste
                 or maybe
it just felt like I was 
the one wasting time. 
Cannot seem to care
what you care about.
Didn’t send a message
to stroke on your ego.
Thinking of myself,
                  letting go.
Feels good and I feel
It’s all the same you
didn’t bother to call
back, reminded me
of what our love lacked.
She isn’t me you know?
Live it up, give it your 
One day it’s love and
then it’s hate, much
more than I can take. 
Glad I loved me more. 
When everyone told me
can’t mix my chemistry
with someone like you…
told them you’re colors
would shine through.
And they’re dark,
I’m a rainbow.

@ donetta sifford 9-24-2013
Written for:  My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
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