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Jen Kehl

Time for Jen’s Twisted Mixtape and Troy at As Long As I’m Singing had a request that we make a seminal playlist.    Seminal – 1st definition – having a strong influence on ideas, works, events, moments, ect., that come later:  very important and influential.

I love those songs that seem to come along and it’s like the songwriter wrote the lyrics while peering into your soul.  Being raised by my grandparents, I was exposed to a lot of older country music, not to mention the hymns from church that my grandmother loved.  Then my aunt was around who was coming out of her hippie stage into becoming an 80’s lady.  Then I hear a perfect song to describe her and her best friends in my eyes.  It also was a song where I felt the bittersweet moments of changing. 

K.T. Oslin singing 80’s ladies is just a very influential song to me. 

This next song had a catchy fun beat. I actually loved it so much, that at the age of 21, I had a rose tattooed on my hip, the stem and thorns are wrapping around my initials, and underneath are the words ‘Mi Vida Loca’.
Pam Tillas seemed to sum up my life at that time, welcome to my crazy life.  Still love my tattoo!

This may be the universal song for anyone going through a drug problem.  Even so,  I heard this song and the words were so descriptive as to how I felt inside.  Staind singing ‘It’s Been Awhile’.  

This next song says to me, appreciate and experience everyday because nothing last forever.  Not even ‘Castles Made of Sand’ by Jimi Hendrix.

Of course, everyone should know by now, Matchbox 20 will show up on my playlist the majority of the time.  This time though, I chose a song by Rob Thomas from his solo album.  ‘Something To Be’ is a song that makes me feel, though it’s hard to explain why.  There is a couple lyrics that seem to say to me or for me, that life is okay, but at any moment it could change. The lyric goes:  ‘I can’t stand who I’m starting to be and I can’t stand the people that I’m starting to need.  There’s so much now that can go wrong and I don’t need nobody trying to help it along’.    Rob had a problem with cocaine for years.  I don’t think this song is about that, because he listed songs that were wrote about that in an interview.  This song still says to me, life is good, so I don’t need anyone around to help me screw it up. 🙂

These songs popped in my head as some of the most influential songs that I relate to in some way or another.  Link up with Jen, and share your seminal songs.  This is a blog hop!!! 



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  1. I really enjoyed the Rob Thomas song – I hadn't heard it before – so thanks for that one. Love the lyrics – very powerful. I have to admit, my main memory at this stage of Matchbox 20 is via Kid Rock who crooned out a few times in his songs about looking to make “Matchbox 20 money” – and I still think of that phrase when I'm trying to find ways to quantify large amounts of money. But I may look up what else they've done – because that was really good.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It does seem to have a very playful tone and just a happy, silly sound to it.

  3. I love the Mi Vida Loca number. I was listening and kept bobbing my head!

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