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Written for Mama Kat’s writer’s workshop

The Prompts:

1.) Tell us about a favorite Halloween costume.
2.) Share a Fall recipe that you’re loving this season.
3.) 10 Things you love about football.
4.) 10 Things you don’t love about football.
5.) Talk about something your child learned this week.

***Blogger’s Note***  This is not a post written to outrage die hard football fans.  Just my opinion.  Also if you make it to # 10, I do show football some love.  Thank you guys!! 


I could run through the 10 dislikes of football very quickly.  Even though I was a cheerleader much of my 12 years in school, 13 if you count Kindergarten, I never really enjoyed the game.  

1.  4 minutes left of a football game turns into an hour somehow and it drives me insane.  Especially on the days I decide to actually watch T.V. and my boyfriend says he’s going to finish watching the game first.   I still look at the time left, trying to will 5 minutes into actually being 5 minutes.

2.   The continuous blowing of the referee’s whistle.  I understand he has to have a way of gathering attention, but to blow the whistle back to back 3 to 4 times seems tedious.

3.   Maybe it’s the referee or the referee’s rules that I dislike because to hear him, after blowing the whistle, yell ‘HOLDING’ at the top of his voice sounds to me like nails on a chalkboard.

4.   I always get confused on which way they are supposed to be running.  If the Jets <just choosing a random team> has painted huge around the goal, JETS, why are they running toward the other teams goal?  Or do they run toward their own goal?  See, too confusing.

5.   That rule that the player cannot hold the ball but so long. Which I guess is what the mighty scream ‘holding’ means.  Still, he sees nobody open to throw the ball to on his team, he sees nobody to help cover him if he runs.  As his eyes search  frantically for a team member open, he is dazed. Maybe they didn’t cover this area well during practice.  I’m sure it happens a lot.  The person ‘holding’ the ball has a moment of doubt and the whistle is blown.

6.  Growing up with 3 channels on a black and white T.V. taught me somethings.  One being, if I didn’t want to watch the news, I’d occupy myself.  The other lesson is that having over 100 channels to choose from is absurd. My better half not only watches football any chance he gets, he flips back and forth between games to see who’s doing what and so on.

7.   It’s disturbing to watch grown men jump and hit each other with their hamlets when happy, or smack another player’s ass.  i understand there is all the padding in their uniforms.  I also get being stoked about winning.  Still, disturbing. 

8.  I believe that a lot of the reasons 5 minutes left in a game turns to 2 hours also is because they replay everything, and usually replay it two or three times.  Then people like the love of my life, get to see on repeat the call the referee made wrong, so he can repeatedly tell me, “Watch this b.s.”  “The ball never hit the ground, you can see it right there.”  I’m looking at him as if he sprouted horns, but if I even try to ask what that means, he does the most annoying thing…………. see # 6 about my grandparents and the news….. I was little, longing for Saturday morning cartoons, but if I spoke during the news, my granny would shush me and it went like this:  “Shhhhh, listen.”  As if I wanted to listen to whatever was on the news. My boyfriend does the same thing. 

9.   Another very legit reason I stopped cheering by 10th grade was because from 1st grade until 9th, I began to grow up.  In doing so, I realized football season meant cold evenings and Friday nights cheering.  By 9th grade it was ‘trying out’ for the cheerleader team and I worked hard to get my jumps right with my legs almost in a split, ect.  Then it dawned on me, people would be filling the bleachers, yelling at high school boys, sometimes to root them on, sometimes horrible stuff to the other team, and us cheering didn’t change that.  We may have been entertaining during half-time but so was the band.  I’m cold by nature anyway, so I’m freezing and ‘rah rahing’ when the fans could care less. 

10.  With all of this list being negative, I must say this:  I reside in Pulaski County, which is the county beside Montgomery County.  It takes about 30 minutes to drive from here to VA. Tech, depending on traffic.  My mom when I was 6, married my step father and they resided in Montgomery County.  They both worked at Va Tech.  The first time I noticed the Hokies had blown up huge was back in the day before Facebook, Twitter, My Space.  We had AOL Blogs which were not at all like blogging today.  I mean you picked friends, they commented on things, but it was ramblings mostly.  The most exciting event was when one of my friends got bent out of shape about ‘Lord of the Ring’ and said it was satanic and so was Harry Potter.  Her children were not going to be brought up believing in supernatural witchcraft type things.  My oldest daughter was maybe close to 1 year old but if memory serves me right, I posted to her several passages from the Bible and told her any story read in the Good Book, was a lot more scary and stranger than Harry Potter.  <ahem> Anyway, while on AOL Blogs they came out with little thumbnails that someone could choose from to put under their name. This was extra cool then.  While scanning through the thumbnail symbols and images, I spotted Va Tech’s Hokie symbol.  It surprised me because there I was friends with people from New York, and everywhere else in the country, and there was the Hokie sign.  So, Va. Tech blew up huge, the traffic on a home game night is unbearable.  People are backed up for miles with all types of decorations on their car. My mom’s job got busier.  This chain of events led to a whole bunch of stores and other things being built in Blacksburg and Christiansburg. For the most part I have worked in Christiansburg, rather than work in my own county.  So, football and Va. Tech brought about jobs for so many people, and though I dislike football, I feel a sense of pride because Va Tech is part of this area. I root for them to win and also root for my high school’s team, Pulaski County Cougars.  My 10th grade year when I was done with cheering, was the year our high school team made State Championship and won!!  The class of 1992 has all types of things in cases around the school and last season the boys that were on the team in 1992 got to run down the steps to the field like the players do.  The cheerleaders had outfits ordered and was apart of the reunion.  I did attend and stand at the top of the stairs, wishing I had cheered one more year. 

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5 responses

  1. mamaslosinit

    These made me laugh, definitely spot on!

  2. I chose this prompt too, and like you, hope no one hates me because of my dislike for America’s favorite sport 🙂

    And your #1 … YES!

    1. So far, nobody has banned me from blogland. 🙂 I did get a wonderful explanation to what ‘holding’ meant, which wasn’t close to what I thought. lol. I thought baseball was the all American sport. 🙂

  3. Ha ha some good points made; I did the opposite prompt of the things I like. Holding, in fact, refers to when a blocker is holding an offensive player too long or in more ways than he should like holding his jersey or arms.

    1. lol. At least you have educated me on ‘holding’. That sounds more reasonable than if the player holds the ball too long. 🙂

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