Who Will Lead

This week’s assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem that must begin with the exact phrase “I see” and the poem must end with the exact phrase “through a glass darkly.”  Prompt from Poets of G+

I see bold headlines
filling newspaper stands.
Eating my Big Mac, hearing
a couple behind me bitching.
At home the channels flood
with opinions on the country’s fall.
Flipping off the screen because
my one daily program was disturbed.
Signing on to Facebook, feeling guilty,
could be cleaning instead of playing
Candy Crush, Pet Saga, and Song Pop.
My news feed overflows with images,
rants, contempt for the government. 
People stood in rain at Woodstock
to protest a war they thought wrong.
Where is that involvement? Anger
grew bitter inside Americans at Nixon’s
lies and deceit, second president faced
with impeachment, where is that anger?
Country outraged by our president,
whom may or may not have inhaled weed.
Disgusted over Monica’s famous blue dress.
Only humans have desire, not presidents.
Where is the outrage now? Gone with
the man who had a dream, for brothers
and sisters to live in peace? Is protest
a thing of the past? I feel outrage!
Don’t think this was the dream of anyone.
Our government is getting by without
a blue dress, spewing the aftermath
all over citizens who should not fear 
government. The government should
fear citizens.  If I walk now to protest,
does anyone have the courage to follow?
Or will they stare, mouth gaped open,
looking through a glass darkly?

@ donetta sifford 10-4-2013

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