What I Love About Blogs

This is one of the things I love about blogs;  Randomly finding a cool blog on pure accident while reading or linking to another blog.  It just happened within the past hour.  I successfully linked my TTofT to Considerings, and surprisingly enough, I was high up on the list.  Going by blogger etiquette and because it’s fun, I randomly chose a blog to read from TTofT………….Another Clean Slate.  Going to this blog led me to Getting Fit & Fab in 2013.  

As it goes, this blog caught my eye right away, and I ended up joining a give-away from another blog. $100 given to someone for her 30 birthday.  Sounds good to me.  So, I’m new to Getting Fit & Fab.  Well, if you just read my ramblings, I suppose you could see, I actually just found it.  The newest post is called October Daily: Day 11.  I don’t see where it’s a blog hop.  I did decide to go ahead and take the incentive to answer the question ask and link it back to Renee’s blog.  

Day 11 question:  “What are the things you love to do during rainy day?  List them down!!    i am very ocd, however, so i’m going to go with the question number and list 11 things i love to do during rainy days>

Snuggle up in my fuzziest, softest blanket and lose myself in a marvelous book.  I have said before, I don’t watch a lot of t.v. but when it’s rainy outside, I enjoy watching a good movie or channel surfing just to see what shows everyone on Facebook is talking about.  I adore a fresh box of crayons and coloring book.  ocd  thing> I buy my girls both their own box of crayons and coloring books, and keep mine separate.  I have a thing where I start at the beginning and color each page, even if I don’t like the picture.  I never skip ahead. Since this is a habit I’ve had since childhood, I don’t see me at 36 years old, changing my ways.  I’m not selfish though.  They get a new box more often than me and if they need a color and I have it, I will share.  .    I love trying to get in touch with my inner creativity.  Even if I need a friend’s insight on how to redecorate a room, once I’m on to something, it’s great.  I love scrap booking my photos almost as much as I love taking them.  I like to pick something that needs organized and fix it while it’s wet outside. Example: my desk drawers, my hope chest, bills.  Then there are some rainy days that I have no motivation to do anything more than sleep. Snuggling with my girls and listening to music.  Some rainy days have been spent playing Candy Crush, Pet Saga, Song Pop, and PaPa Pear Saga on Facebook.  I practice writing poetry or go back over one of my favorite poets and decipher why I love the author or a poem in general.  My favorite is Mary Karr and her poetry book Viper Rum.  Lovely poems filled with questions, becoming a teenager in the 70’s, drugs, death, and Heaven or Hell.    I am in need of another book.  The last one I read was ‘The Great Gatsby’. Playing board or card games with my daughters. My oldest has picked up on Chess rather well and my youngest is growing out of her ‘Old Maid’ stage and sometimes will give up ‘Go Fish’ for a quick game of Rummy. 

Lets see if I went over 11 things:  Good book, Good movie/Channel surfing, Coloring with girls, Creative things like home decor, Writing poetry, Playing games on Facebook, Board or card games with my girls, Sleeping, Organizing desk drawers, Scrap booking my photos, Snuggling with girls while listening to music.

Wow, there it is.  A list of 11 things I love to do in no certain order.



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  1. I have totally done the blog hop from one to the other- so glad I was part of yours! And all those rainy day things are my favorites too- I just don’t like leaving the house!

  2. Whenever my daughter visits, there’s nothing we like better than to snuggle up together to watch dvd’s, or look around the internet for funny things to laugh about – a rainy day is always the best time to do this, isn’t it? 🙂

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