Pretty Polly

Jen Kehl

Twisted Mix Tape made up from a genre of music I don’t usually listen to a lot, but still love.  This one is a tad hard cause I love all genres of music. So, here we go:

So, I love bluegrass music when it comes on. I don’t usually tune into a bluegrass station but when I hear the music, I am glad it came on.

Ralph Stanley singing Pretty Polly with Patty Loveless is awesome.

I’ve only heard Bill Anderson singing “Rocky Top”, and this is the only video I could find.  I love to hear this song when it comes on.

Ricky Skaggs always comes to mind when I think of bluegrass because I do remember a few albums he released that weren’t bluegrass. “Country Boy” I would have to say is one of his more known bluegrass songs. 

Apparently, finding Bluegrass videos on You Tube isn’t as easy as I thought.  I hope this next one does justice to The Country Gentlemen singing “Run Pete Run” 

“Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” is another song that makes me feel happy and feel like flat footing when I hear it.    Flat and Scruggs version is my favorite. 

This song is an extra.  Not really cheating, but I love the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” and so listening to “Man of Constant Sorrow” is great.  Here I just threw in a version from the movie with The Soggy Bottom Boys. 

So, here are some songs I enjoy from a genre I don’t listen to often.  I think the first one I added, Ralph Stanley, is the only one on my playlist anywhere.  So, head over to Jen’s and share the songs you enjoy, but don’t usually listen to. 

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