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Been sliding on my blogs and have missed a couple great 100 Word Song post.  While I normally don’t listen to White Zombie, this song just seemed to fit the week I’ve had. Love when songs do that.  

Growing up fast in a town
where everything moves slow.
We could have genius minds
except for boredom everyday.
If we had any futures then,
we threw tomorrows away. 
Killing brain cells to stop
silence ringing so loud.
Time flies when you’re the fun.
Convince ourselves we hurt no one.
Must prepare our children 
for pressures they will face.
Judgmental people, older than us,
pointing dirty fingers in our space.
Gave us dope, now I can’t decide.
Do they want the knowledge back
or do they miss getting high?
Would we do anything different
if we crawled back in time?

@ donetta sifford 10-21-2013

Written for:  My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

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