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This is my second day participating in NaBloPoMo for over at YeahWrite.  I am also excited to be joining in on Ten Things of Thankful at Considerings.  Lizzi has a wonderful challenge going on, NaNoGraMo.  This is to Tweet, Facebook, or blog everyday about 1 thing you are thankful for.  This is a great start to the first weekend of November!  So, here we go with my Ten Things of Thankful:

1.  I am extremely thankful that Halloween night was not horribly cold as the weatherman had predicted.  In fact, I stay cold for some reason, and I was able to walk until after dark with a tank top and hoodie over it.  It’s fairly warm today for the 2nd of November.  Trust me, I’m not complaining at all. 

2.  I am thankful that my new tenant for my home has made the place look spectacular.  Although I had swore once getting my previous tenant out,  I would never do business with family or friends,  I went ahead and rented it to a fairly good friend.  Her sister actually done all the flowers and decorations for my wedding when I was 18 years old.  She has a knack for beautifully creating anything.  So, with the help of her sister, my new tenant has repainted the rooms, put carpet down, arranged everything neater than I ever had the home, and the neighbors are happy. 

3.  For anyone who has read about my Wandering Jew plant and how I haven’t killed it yet,  then you know I was distressed that it would not grow.  All the articles say this is one tough plant to kill.  I can believe that.  At one point last year, I tried hanging it in it’s pot.  The hook wouldn’t hold the weight of the pot and soil and it crashed to floor, throwing the plant out.  I rearranged it back into the pot and it survived.  My friend visited me back in spring and showed me how to cut the starters and then replant them to thicken the  plant.  My Wandering Jew is now wandering everywhere and looks fabulous.  The  neat thing about the plant is that you can cut a starter, put it in a vase of water, and it begins to grow roots.  Then you can replant the starter into the pot.  Also, if you cut a starter and simply place the end down into the soil, it will take root there.  However, it must be maintained and one must be careful not to over water the starter and such.  So, I just stick to the vase of water.


4.  I am proud and thankful to announce my 6th grader received all A’s and B’s on her report card and my 2nd grader received all G’s, which in the elementary school she attends, G’s are the same as A’s.  All in all, I’m proud of them but also thankful they like school and enjoy learning.

5.  I am grateful I went on a field trip with my 2nd grader to Wolf Creek Indian Village a couple weeks ago.  The owners have a replica of the village, the housing, tools, and various other items that the tribe used.  Now they aren’t sure which tribe lived there because early settlers found the village abandoned.  They do know it was a Woodland tribe and there was a lot of remains and evidence of how they lived.  We enjoyed a tour, stopping in each hut to hear stories, pass tools around, face paintings made from the berries the tribe used, and then there was a wonderful museum.  I didn’t have a lot of time to shop because it was a school field trip.  I managed to grab myself and two daughters rings made of stones and lotions made from various plants.  

Going into the village at Wolf Creek Indian Village, Bastian, Va.

Going into the village at Wolf Creek Indian Village, Bastian, Va.

6.  I am in the process of rearranging our house, so I am very thankful that I’ve had the energy and every room is turning out great.  I read a lot of diy projects about decor but then to apply that to my home, leaves me stumped.  I am not like my tenant’s sister when it comes to creating something from nothing.  I am proud that everything seems to be taking shape and several of the diy projects are turning out decent.  My oldest daughter has a strong creative side so she has helped a lot.

7.  I am grateful that as much fun as the month of October brings in this area, the hectic schedule is out of the way.  Last month there were field trips, fall festivals, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, fun fest for the elementary school, and then ordinary life errands.  Such as, taking my oldest daughter to the dentist for her braces to be tightened, doctor appointments for myself, shots for the girls, and eye appointments.  This month so far on my planner looks pretty bare.  Other than the next dentist appointment to tighten her braces again, Thanksgiving, and my birthday on the 22nd, I don’t think there is much more to prepare for.  My birthday fell on Thanksgiving last year.  First time since 2001.  In 2001, my birthday fell on Thanksgiving and I found out that same day I was pregnant with my oldest daughter.  I don’t  expect a party or obscene amounts of gifts for my birthday.  I don’t cringe either if I receive a simple gift I need or want, and age is just a number to me.  I’ll be 37 years old, but I feel the same as I did when I was turning 24 in 2001.  

8.  This ties into number 7 in a way. Speaking of birthdays, age, and all of that, I am so thankful that I am in perfectly good health.  Physically. I don’t keep it a secret that I had a problem and struggled since 2000 with an opiate addiction.  I have been clean 3 years as of this month.  So, I have regular check ups because liver disease runs in my family.  My check-up came back that I am healthy.  My mother had diabetes when she was my age.  My aunt had passed away at the age of 42 because of an aneurysm due to high blood pressure.  My grandmother had passed away in 2000 due to liver disease though she never so much as drank a beer her entire life.  All this considering, and the fact I met my real father at the age of 30 and the following year him and my mother both passed away at the age of 56, but I have no clue what he was sick from, luckily I have perfect blood pressure, perfect sugar levels, and even though I have smoked since age 13, I have perfect lungs, kidneys, ect.  3 years ago when I went into treatment, my liver enzymes were extremely high due to years of pills and then 3 years spent going to a methadone clinic.  My check-up recently showed my enzymes are only slightly higher than they should be and I have no liver damage.   <knocking on wood>  I did inherit from my mother’s side, being bipolar.  The new medication has worked wonderfully and so I’m thankful physically I am healthy and mentally, I’m medicated. lol. 

9.  I’ll tie #9 into #8.  Though being an addict was/is a struggle daily, I’ve learned to take things one day at a time and I feel confident that I have been fair and honest with my daughters.  I feel like they understand they can talk to me about anything, even if I don’t like it.  I have taken time to explain how drugs can ruin a person’s life.  I never listened to my grandparents and though my childhood was picture perfect being raised by them, the lines of communication only extended so far.  I didn’t feel comfortable telling my grandparents that I had tried weed, or when I decided to have sex.  While my mother lived in the next county and hadn’t raised me, I could go to her to get put on birth control, to talk to her about drugs.  You would think growing up a hippie that my mother may have enjoyed the LSD of her era.  She didn’t.  Her older sister, my aunt that passed away, I may have felt better talking to her.  But since I was 17 at the time she passed away, I hadn’t reached that type of relationship with her yet.  My mother was helpful but to me she didn’t understand anything I was going through.  I feel I have experienced the reasons drugs are appealing and experienced the reasons the drugs aren’t appealing anymore, but not being able to stop.  With this experience, I feel like my daughters can talk to me, I keep the lines of communication open, especially with my 11 year old, and I hope they understand that I do know what I’m talking about, because I have been there. 

10.  I am grateful that the hectic days are over, and I can take time to reflect on things I’m grateful for.  At times, it can be a challenge coming up with 10.  I done this post with great ease.  I’m grateful for Ten Thing of Thankful, the NaNoGraMo challenge, and crossing my fingers I can post every day for 30 days for the NaBloPoMo November 2013 challenge

There’s my list.  Anyone reading, go link up to Considerings and share what you’re grateful for and read about the NaNoGraMo gratitude  challenge. 

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” 
― Maya Angelou,

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  1. I hope you enjoy this month with a pretty open planner!

    Kudos to you for getting and staying clean. I can’t imagine how hard this is; glad you are healthy, despite everything.

    Have a great new week!

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you dropped by!

  2. Hey, our birthdays are only one day apart! Since mine is on the 21st (and I am 5 years older), it’s never ON Thanksgiving, but the day before. I have one aunt who remembers and makes sure there is a cake for me every year.
    How fortunate you are to have a responsible tenant who even likes to spruce the place up.
    Congratulations on staying clean for so long and for the stamp of good health. You have quite a medical history, so a doctor saying your health is good has got to be a giant relief.
    Glad you linked up with us this week. Good luck with the rest of your November writing!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. That is so cool you have an aunt that does bake you a cake. I don’t think I’ve had a cake since my 34th birthday. lol. Yes, my medical health is a huge relief!!

  3. Glad that you can have time to slow down now! To a great month ahead and thank you for sharing!

  4. Glad to see you again, Donetta, and WOW! What a list! This is awesome.

    The house, the plant, the cool trinkets for your children – all wonderful.
    The grades, the good health, the birthday – all awesome.
    The attitude and the openness with your daughters – inspiring.

    Thank you so much for sharing these 😀

    1. Thank you Lizzi!! Things have been looking up and going great. Glad I got to link up this weekend and thank you for stopping by.

  5. Congratulations on 3 years clean! That is a huge accomplishment, and one that benefits your family, too. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your kids.

    1. Thank you. We so far have a great relationship. They are still young………11 and 7. I’m hoping the teenage years go as smooth. 🙂

  6. good to ‘see’ you again, excellent list, to find things not just on one aspect (jobs or family) but to see the things to be grateful for in all parts of life, very cool.

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by. November has started off wonderful!

  7. We were pretty excited about the rain holding off up here for Halloween night too. And I think I agree that I’m happy October has come to an end – it’s a busy month with kids and I’m hopeful November gives a bit of a slower pace before we ramp up again for Christmas.

    I didn’t know until reading this about your struggles with addiction – congratulations on keeping healthy and sober. Certainly something worth many thanks. I can’t imagine that sort of struggle.

    The field trip you did looks lovely – we have a few places near here that are similar and I’m looking forward to my kids seeing them when they are old enough to understand about them. What a fun trip to do with your youngest!

    1. Ah, the month of December will be busy again. I agree about November being time to save up energy. Thank you so much for your kind words. It has been a struggle but a lot I brought on myself. I’m relieved to have learned my triggers and stay far away from them. 🙂

  8. Congrats on your sobriety and even bigger congrats on your relationship with your kids… lovely list! Good luck with the NaMo… I can never remember how it goes!

    1. Thank you! I can’t remember how it goes without looking, and still am not sure what the words mean. Hopefully I won’t forget to post. Glad you stopped by.

  9. Congratulations on your good health and being 3 years clean. That’s really something to be proud of!

    And your Stay-at-Home Jew is finally wandering! Yay!

    1. Thank you. And yes, it’s finally wandering everywhere and looks fantastic. 🙂

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