Day 3 of NaBloPoMo & Broadsided

Day 3 of NaBloPoMo for November at Yeah Write and BlogHer.  I had so many positive feedback and comments from my TTofT post!!  I enjoy comments as I’m sure every blogger does.  I have several topics I have archived in my mind to post about for this month.  For this post, I would like to introduce anyone who hasn’t heard of the Broadsided Press to their web site.  

I, of course, have my blog on Blogger, My Constant Thoughts.  This is where I keep my poetry post with the exception of Jen’s Mix Tape blog hop on Tuesdays.  <side note:  go participate in her blog>.   I’m not sure if someone at the wonderful community on Google+ shared information about Broadsided. I’m in a lovely group there that I actually have neglected along with my blogs, The Poets of G+.  The Poets of G+ is actually the first place I really shared my poetry for people to view.  It’s a wonderful community filled with amazing poets and awesome moderators.  I haven’t shared but a select few poems with even my closest of friends.  I have been writing poetry since I was old enough to understand the concept of how to format a poem.  I’m unsure why I don’t feel comfortable sharing my work with friends.  I have a cousin in Georgia that writes poetry, so I share my pieces with her and one friend I grew up with that now lives in Pennsylvania that loves writing, and I’m sure she’d appreciate a look at my other blog.  .  Other than that, I don’t talk about poetry with day to day friends.  In fact, I try to keep Facebook away from my other social networks such as Twitter, Google+, ect.   

I got off topic as I sometimes do.  <side note 3:  a post this 30 days on being bipolar and how my thoughts race or are constant – hence the name for My Constant Thoughts>  Ahem……..  So, somewhere along the way after Google+ and then blogging, I have discovered a fantastic place online.  Broadsided Press takes poets and artist, puts their ideas together and collaborate a lovely layout.  They have a place to submit poetry.  I’m not sure about art, but if interested you can look on their site.  Right now until December 1st, they are accepting Haiku based on topics provided.  Although, one submission of mine was turned down, I really love this entire concept of sharing poetry and art.  They hold submissions,  you can donate to them because they are a non-profit organization, and/or you can become a Vector.  Which is what I plan to do this week.

This month’s publication is called “The Seahorse Motel”.  It highlights the poet and artist.  The publication page is ready to print and the theory is simple:  people take time to write on bathroom stalls, spray paint on buildings, and I’ve even seen names carved at our local park along the gazebo.  So, if people took time just to print out a few copies of Broadsided’s published work and taped it to the stalls, then it would spread poetry and art.  They include on their site different ideas for distributing their page.  Leave one in a magazine while waiting in a doctor’s office, put one up at a regular spot you enjoy, ask owners of stores if you can post it in their windows, places that already have a post board, such as our local laundry mat, then use it to post the page.  There are a lot of different ways to get involved and become a vector.  Blogging was listed as one way though the idea is more about bringing something creative to your community.  I’m sure a lot of people already do this in larger areas, but I can attest that in my community with the population of 400, nobody hangs up pages of poetry.  The closest store to my town is about a 15 minute drive.  It’s a mom and pop’s shop that has been open before I was born, and is now ran by the two sons.  Their father passed away and their mother is elderly now.  They have a bulletin board in the back of the store with photos of all the neighborhood kids when they were small, including a photo of me at the age of 3.  I know that is a good place to post some poetry.

So, I have the next couple of days planned out.  The public schools in this county are closed Tuesday for Election Day, so I’m going to print out several copies of this month’s publication of Broadsided and let my girls help me post them.  I’m sure they can think of places that I have overlooked and they apparently received a gene from me which makes them love reading………… if that type thing can be inherited. Even if you’re not interested in poetry or being a vector, Broadsided is still a wonderful site to look over.  


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  1. Hopping over from YeahWrite—we are column mates!!! i am seriously trying to visit as many folks as I can each day and today I made it to see what you had to say. Thanks for sharing—-love the idea of tacking up poetry for others to read! That would make me smile if I ran across it. Have a great day!

    1. Glad you got to stop by. It gets overwhelming trying to catch up with all the blogs. I will be sure to visit you!!

      1. It is a bit overwhelming—-I am pacing myself!! But I have already met some really great folks which makes it all worthwhile. Thanks again for stopping by my blog, too!

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