Karate Kid – Not

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My senior year, a dumb Tracy Lawrence song was played repeatedly on the radio.  I’m 17, in my bedroom with friends, less than a week before my drama class was preforming in public, when the song comes on. Doing a cool karate kick in the direction of my radio led to me kicking my dresser, breaking my toe beside my big one. I limped through the play.

This was written for prompt 29 over at Ketchup With Us.  Write your DUMBEST INJURY EVER.   


4 responses

  1. Oh man! That sounds like a painful one. Thanks for playing!

  2. Holy crap! There’s a lot of toe carnage in this KWU. I think we should all start a club. With a secret handshake. Where no one gets hurt.

    Thanks for playing again, Donetta. And sorry about your toe. 🙂

    1. Seems like toes and joints are the worst pain. My toe is just slightly crooked. lol.

  3. I hope the dresser was ok 😉 (then again if you dinged it, we now know you could just rub a walnut on it!)

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