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The Prompts:

1.) Something you were wrong about.
2.) A funny text change.
3.) Write a 16-line poem about a moment from your childhood that changed your life for the better.
4.) List 8 best reasons you love living in your state.
5.) Listen. Write about what you hear, right now


It’s 9:43 a.m. on a Saturday morning,  the sun is shining and the sky an amazing blue.  What do I hear right now?  Outside, I hear a dog barking in the distant.  It sounds like a hunting dog with that deep bark.  I hear the t.v. in the background that my boyfriend must have left on as he left this morning at 5:30 a.m. to go hunting. I haven’t went to turn it off yet, but it sounds like an older movie, one in black and white.  Maybe it’s in color but the voices sound as if they are from an old John Wayne type movie.  Using the words “ma’am”, “well, it looks like Jake got away”.  “Oh my” from the lady, as he called her.  It’s not clear now what the character’s are saying because our furnace just kicked on in a loud humming way that isn’t distracting, but it reminds me that no matter how gorgeous it looks outside, it’s getting cold here in Southwest Virginia, not to be mixed up with West Virginia, as so many people do.  Our local paper is called “The Southwest Times”.  I suppose because the area I live in is only around a two hour drive into Bristol, Va. then merging into Bristol Tennessee.  It’s also around a two hour drive into North Carolina.  So, we are living South in Virginia and I suppose the Western part comes from the fact we are so close to Tennessee, Kentucky, and other states that begin to head West.  The furnace is humming, making the sound it makes when it’s getting ready to turn off. The dog has stopped barking now.  So, as I end this prompt, all I hear right now, is a t.v. in the background, the furnace humming and winding down, and the clicking sound I make from typing on the computer.  I do hear one more sound that I’m so used to I almost didn’t list this.  I type really fast and as my fingers go up and down on the keyboard smooth, my silver heart bracelet clings against the outer front of my lap top.  This is a peacefully morning and my daughter’s stayed across the yard at their cousin’s house last night. I may be extra lazy this morning, and use this quiet time to sleep another hour.  <don’t judge=”” me.=”” i=”” was=”” up=”” until=”” 3:<span=”” class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=””>30ish this morning cleaning and rearranging my kitchen.>

Written for: Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop.  Go link up and enjoy.


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  1. What a cool challenge – it’s interesting, isn’t it, what we hear when we think we’re sitting in silence?

    1. It was fun and interesting. I’m not sure I’ve ever really just sat down and then type what I hear around me before. It was interesting. There wasn’t a lot of noise, but just enough. Both my daughters had spent the night with their cousins, or I would have had an entirely different post. lol. One is 11 and the other 7, yet they still find things to argue about, even if it’s a hair bow. I was raised by my grandparents and my half sister was raised at my mom’s and step-dad’s, so I don’t know the experience of having a sibling around daily. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Hope you linked up to Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts. She always has interesting subjects.

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