Right Now

Lance always has a wonderful perspective when it comes to things going on in the world. This post is touching and very powerful. A real man doesn’t have to bully anyone, not a teammate, spouse, lover, friends, children, or animals. A real man can handle things in an appropriate manner without letting someone provoke him into a physical fight. It shows great control to not lose your temper and let it make your decisions. We all get mad, but it’s our actions that our children see. As for the bullying by another teammate, they are a team, and the entire team should support the one being bullied and show that they won’t tolerate that among themselves. It’s a shame they haven’t showed support. Lance speaks of his family with love and admits if he makes a mistake. Though I don’t attend funerals for my own reasons, I think “he was a good man” is an understatement for how awesome Lance is with “his women”.


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  1. thank you so much

    1. You are very welcome. I have a deep respect for you and Bobina, though I’ve never met you.

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