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Twisted MixTape by Jen ask this week for epic songs that tell stories.  I’ll admit, I’m kinda stuck on this one.  I’ve read other’s playlist and they rock.  So, here is my attempt at a playlist…………

When I think of songs that tell stories, one of the first that comes to mind is Chris Ledoux singing “This Cowboy’s Hat.”  The song is very much telling a story of how different groups of people view each other while also explaining why he loves his cowboy hat so much and no one is going to take it from him.

This isn’t a country themed playlist though many country songs, or older ones at least, tell a lot of stories.  This next one tells a story about what it means in life to be “Tough” Justin McBride sings this song and my favorite lyrics are, “tough is a single mom working 3 jobs so her kids can eat. tough’s reading bedtime stories when your body’s begging you to go to sleep.”

My next choice is Bob Dylan singing “Tangled Up In Blue.”  It’s hard to choose between his songs and stories told.  I just really love this song and I like to hear him singing this one.

Rarely do I find a new artist, or fairly new, that I would call their songs, storytelling too.  I discovered Lana Del Rey after going in May to see the movie, “The Great Gatsby”.  Her song, “Blue Jeans” not only shows what great vocals she has but also tells a story of a woman who loves her man and wants him home with her but he is busy hustling and chasing money. 

This brings me to my final choice which is Eminem with Rihanna singing “Love The Way You Lie.”  It’s telling a story of a dysfunctional relationship and how hard it is to get out of the cycle.  I have been in a relationship where we both bring out the worst of each other but can’t seem to just leave one another alone.  I don’t uphold violence in any way though. 

There are my 5 choices for songs that are Epic and tell stories.  This is a blog hop.  So, hop over to Jen’s Twisted MixTape and let us know what songs tell a story to you. 

Okay, I had my 5 and I hardly ever add more, but as I was going back over my song list, I remembered a song I had planned on adding.  So here is one more.  Kenny Rogers singing “Coward of the County”.  I’ve loved this song since I was small. 

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