Donating My Birthday

I am using this post to share a cause.  I try to participate in as many Relay For Life activities as possible and anything to do with The American Cancer Society.  Cancer has taken lives of people very close to me.  I also know success stories where the patient went into remission and there are no traces of cancer left.  I know people struggling right now with this disease and treatments.

This past spring my boyfriend’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  They found it a little late.  She has been through treatments that leave her so sick, she can’t do anything but vomit all day.  Her amazing hair has always been one of the stunning things about her, and something she took pride in taking care of.  She lost a lot of her hair.  Every time my boyfriend goes to see her, he comes back saddened more.  He’s afraid she might not make it much longer.  She is a fighter.  However, there are more health issues involved.  

She has a wonderful fiance, whom was  diagnosed with cancer a few years back.  I’m unsure of the exact date or exactly what type of cancer it was.  I know that my boyfriend’s mother stayed by his side day and night, praying, worrying, and being there for him.  I am happy to say he went into remission and is now doing wonderful.  After his own hell of dealing with cancer, it seemed the battle had been won.  We all vacationed in Pigeon Forge, TN. together last summer of 2012.  “We all” being my boyfriend, myself, my two daughters, his brother, his girlfriend, and their two daughters, their mother, her fiance, and her grandson by their other brother who wasn’t there.  We had an excellent time and I wish we could have found a way to go again this year with them.

With his battle won, her began during spring.  I have always donated when I can, walked for Relay for Life events, took up donations for my daughter’s schools when they participated in any type of cancer or diabetes fundraiser.  I have lost someone whom was like a second mother to me, an uncle whom I was close with, and several others.  So, when I seen “Donate My Birthday”  I jumped right in.  I wish I checked my emails more often because my birthday is next Friday on the 22nd.  I am asking everyone to take the time and check out my donation page for my  birthday.  I started off at $100 so my goal wasn’t too unreasonable.  I plan on donating $10 on Monday myself.  So if even 9 more people can afford to donate $10, then my goal can be obtained.  I know it’s the holiday season and money has been tight for a lot of people.  If I didn’t believe in this cause, I wouldn’t waste a post or reader’s time to look into this.  Even if you are unable to donate, then perhaps you have a birthday coming up in the near future and want to donate your birthday.   Here is the link to my donation profile.  Thank you all who take the time to read through my post.  If you would like to donate your birthday or just read more about it, here is the link to the Donate to American Cancer Society. 

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