Loneliness Is The Human Condition

First, I have to say thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post Ten Things of Thankful Take 4.  Made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I’m sure everyone loves comments and I’m not being a narcissist.  

I was going through other blogs that linked up for TTofT so I could give back some blog love, when I stumbled upon a blog that I have somehow missed.  I’m not sure if it’s the mood I have been in or if it’s because of trying to help someone recently who refused to help themselves.  That gets tedious and frankly, I don’t have the patience for people like that.  What ever the reason, this blog post on Pictimilitude  was inspirational to me. After reading the post about integrity and then seeing these words written:  “We are all part of an Intricately Woven Web of a Planet…..”, my collection of beloved quotes that I have jotted down from anywhere, began bouncing about in my head. I was a housekeeper in 2006 at Radford University here in Virginia. One day while cleaning offices, one door had a beautiful quote hanging up on it.  There was a lady in her office near the one with the quote, and she was kind enough to let me borrow a piece of paper and pen to write the quote down.  The next morning while cleaning the offices, the lady who had the quote on her door had made me a copy of it to bring home.  It was wonderful.  I have quickly copied quotes on torn pieces of paper when in a hurry.  Some aren’t meant to be inspirational but rather tell the truth about the world from someone else’s eyes. Here are a few quotes that reading Pictimilitude made me think of:

“Time’s march is a web of causes and effects, and asking for any gift of mercy, however tiny it might be, is to ask  that a link be broken in that web of iron, ask that it be already broken.  No one deserves such a miracle.”   ~ Jorge Luis Borges – A Prayer- Translated by Andrew Hurley.

“You only love when you love in vain.  Try another radio probe when ten have failed, take two hundred rabbits when a hundred have died: only this is science.  You ask the secret. It has just one name:  again.”    ~ Miroslav Holub – Ode to Joy – Translated by George Theiner

“Was it you that killed me, or did I kill you?”    Abel answered, “I don’t remember anymore; here we are, together, like before.”     “Now I know that you have truly forgiven me,” Cain said, “because forgetting is forgiving.  I, too, will try to forget.”   ~ Jorge Luis Borges – Legend – Translated by Andrew Hurley.

“After all the fears, the warnings, after all, a woman’s mistakes are different from a girl’s.  They are written by fire on stone.  They are a trait and not an error.”   ~ Janet Fitch – White Oleander 

“Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel.  He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.”  ~  Mark Twain

There are 5 of my favorite quotes.  I have many more but 5 seemed like a good number to end with. 🙂  I have some built into memory from N.A. meetings and rehabs.  I’ll share those one day.  I’ll also share the long quote that was hung on a lady’s door in the offices I was cleaning at Radford University.  




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