Not In The Game

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You’ve been trying hard
to please me with compliments.
Some of your words, or lines,
make me smile for a moment.
Don’t make the mistake, reading
more into this than what it is.
I’m small town, you’re city big.
Trust me, I’ve heard it all before.
Picked my ego up off the floor,
just a time or two, then I learned.
I’m fine on my own, lovely feeling
of being left alone by men.
Sorry if you expected more.
I’m not in the game of love anymore.
If I were still playing, you’d do fine.
Just wrong timing, that’s all. 

@ donetta sifford 11-20-2013
Written for: My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog


2 responses

  1. I really like where you went with this. It is like you took the strength of the woman in the song, made it your own and made the ending stronger.

  2. I like this! What a comfortable place to be – content with alone and not falling under the seduction of lame pick up lines 🙂

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