Highway To Cali

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Chasity’s mother had told her since her thirteenth birthday that she was born to run, be indecisive, and her spirit was too restless.   Now, here she was on her eighteenth birthday driving as far away from her mother’s cynical voice, the boy pressuring her into marriage, the college applications she hadn’t bothered to turn in, and the Appalachian Mountains she had called home.  Cranking the stereo up several more volumes so she could hear The Eagles singing about that hotel in California, she began to hope she had taken the right highway, toward the west and in life.  Her long blonde hair blew carelessly in her face only to be jerked back again, tangling up from the wind coming from the open top of her blood red 1966 Mustang GT Convertible, a graduation present from Dale, her father. She had rehearsed the conversation  many times in her mind between her and Dale when she showed up at the door of his West Coast beach house and finally met the man whom her mother swore she received her gypsy soul from, though she hadn’t seen this man since she was three years old, before he had taken off on the same stretch of highway she roared across.

<blogger’s note>  I have participated in Five Sentence Fiction before.  I mostly write what I call poetry on my other blog, My Constant Thoughts.  I know these 5 sentences have the structure of a beginning story, and has some information put into them.  I’m not sure about the ending.  Any suggestions would be wonderful.  Thanks everyone for reading ahead of time. 

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