Ten Things of……….. Ah, A Give-Away!!!

Ten Things of Thankful




I remembered to do my Ten Things of Thankful for Considerings!  So, glad Lizzi and everyone else visits when I do stop and reflect on all the good things, rather than the craziness of life.  So, here we go:


1.  I’m thankful that my oldest daughter is feeling much better.  She was sick this morning and running a fever.  After sleeping most of the day, she finally felt like getting up and eating a little this evening.  She’s resting again but feeling more like herself.

2.  I am thankful that I have all my Christmas shopping done, with the exception of some stocking stuffers and a few minor items.

3.  I am grateful the past few days have been very nice.  It was around 70 degrees earlier.  Now the cold front is coming and fast…………. freezing rain and highs back down to about 32 degrees.  Brrr. But these nice days have been, well, nice. lol.  Though I think the heat and sudden drop back to cold is what has caused a lot of people I know to begin sniffling and not feeling good. 

4.  I am thankful that I have the house well on it’s way to being more organized.  Not quite as much as I’d like, but with me being bipolar, a bit of chaos is to be expected.  There is a such thing as too organized for me. 

5.  Ah, I’m glad my laptop is still working.  I was trying to sign my youngest daughter’s field trip slip because her 2nd grade class will be going to see The Nutcracker play at Va. Tech.  (home of the Hokies).  While trying to hurry and get the slip signed and money together in an envelope for her, my hand hit my glass of tea which spilled beside and behind my computer.  Some got on top while the rest ran underneath and behind my desk into the floor.  I ran through the house to grab a cleaning rag and a bottle of Windex with Vinegar in it and luckily once the tea was cleaned up, my laptop isn’t damaged.

6.  I’m thankful my best friend is crashing with me a few days.  It’s nice to have her around.  It is so hard to let people stay with you for a period of time or at least me.  I’ve over the years let people stay with me because of various reasons and I’ve stayed with friends for various reasons. Recently, I allowed my cousin’s girlfriend and their 2 children to stay with me.  I explained to her that I’m OCD, emerging two families is sometimes very uncomfortable.  My best friend and I have been together since diapers so it’s not weird with her here.  It’s natural and comfortable.  

7.  I’m thankful that I have been getting a great deal of sleep the past week.  That’s doesn’t sound like too much but if anyone reading this has ever suffered from insomnia, then  you must understand how little sleep comes and how getting decent sleep is a blessing. I have had insomnia since I was young.  Some of the medication I take does help.  Then sometimes it doesn’t. So, if I can get this typed while it’s 11:30 p.m. and be in bed before 12:30 a.m. then that’s a wonderful feeling.  My eyes are already feeling droopy.  I won’t miss TTofT again though.

8.  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to purchase and read “The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath.”  As I try to grow in my writing ability and move closer to submitting some of my poetry to Lit Mags, I have learned to appreciate Plath a lot more.  Reading her journals and seeing in her own words how she grew and transformed from a girl of 18 going off to college, to a woman with published work, was fascinating.  



9.  Applying to #8, I am thankful that all of my journals are still in order.  Some from when I was growing up and on until the one I keep now.  I like reading back over them, finding poems or drafts for poems in them.  I also enjoy seeing my changes from even 5 years ago until now.  I still keep a handwritten journal.  The computer has a journal template built into it.  Then there’s Evernote which is great.  There is just something so refreshing to me when I open up a book of pages with the lines blank and the way the pages smell and watching my handwriting wrap across the page.  Same reason i love buying books and keeping them.  I don’t read a lot online.  I mean, I do read news, blogs,ect. but I don’t like reading a book online.  With a few exceptions, I’d rather have the paper book. 

10.  Speaking of handwriting, it popped in my mind that I am thankful for the perfect Christmas/Holiday cards I bought early this year.  I’m getting ready to fill them out this weekend.  Mailing cards with my signature, the girls, and sometimes even my boyfriend’s, is so simple, yet such a wonderful thing this time of year.  I enjoy receiving cards and hanging them up around the tree,which reminds me, we’re putting up the tree tomorrow. 

So, that wraps up my Ten Things of Thankful.  I’m grateful for the wonderful people I have met during my time in the blog world.  It’s been a little over a year since I began my blog on Blogger with my poems.  This blog came 2nd.  They both have good and bad sides.  I ask on Facebook every year about who wants a card mailed to them.  I have had a huge amount of people that inboxed their address to me.  It was awesome. I need to do that tomorrow.  So, with that being said, if anyone on here wants a card for the holidays from me, then please email me you address.  The cards are my favorite gesture of kindness.  Everyone have a wonderful weekend and hope this week has brought you all lots of things to be thankful for. 


15 responses

  1. I understand the over-organized. It is usually at that point when I loose important things. I have tried to read old journals, but I have a hard time with it. Don’t know why, but I might need to get over myself and just do it. Thanks!

  2. The only Sylvia Plath I have read is The Bell Jar, and it was for a class, but I enjoyed it. I’m sorry your daughter’s been sick. Seems like right before the holidays is when everything goes around. And I agree, those sudden changes in temperatures wreak havoc with your sinuses. It’s no wonder everyone is sniffling! I get horrible sinus headaches from weather changes. And I totally get the sleep thing! I have had insomnia for a year and a half, but this week, I have gone to bed early and slept more than I have in quite awhile. Sleep is a good thing!

    1. It’s funny, but I have never read The Bell Jar. It’s only recently that I’ve become interested in Plath.

  3. I have to be in the mood for Sylvia Plath…or moody… I do love her stuff though…

    glad the kiddo is on the mend…

    1. I have only recently become interested in Plath. Moody………… lol……….. I did catch the moodiness of entries from her journals. Though I still couldn’t quite grasp why exactly. Which isn’t to say she shouldn’t have been depressed and moody, but even by her own admittance, there was a burning jealousy in her and the desire to be remembered for her work alone.

  4. sounds like a reasonable and decent week! (I have a similar thing about houseguest, though not in a very long time)…it’s just that (we all) have our living routines and no matter how welcome and considerate a guest might be…eventually we feel our the impact of a ‘stranger’ in our homes.
    I always (feel) grateful when it comes to my technology (computers and such)… it plays such an integral part in my life online and off

    1. You took the words out of my mouth. I couldn’t quite portray what I meant to say. We do have our routines and even the best of friends can at times take a toll on that.

  5. So glad you’re best friend is coming to stay- some people its just comfortable to have and that is the best feeling. Enjoy your time!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Glad you stopped by.

  6. well done for getting all your Christmas shopping done – I haven’t even started! I haven’t even written a shopping list! Glad to read that your laptop survived and your daughter is feeling better. Isn’t it lovely to have a friend who you can feel totally natural and comfortable around?

    1. It is a wonderful feeling to have someone to be comfortable with. All of my devices, cell phones, ect are very strong to survive around me. lol. I’m a bit clumsy. That’s not the word, but I can’t think right off of a better one. 🙂

  7. Hey, WOW! It’s all rainbowed up in here 😀

    I’m glad that your friend is coming to stay, and that it will be alright. Best friends are awesome like that.

    Huzzah to you getting as organised as you need to. That’s always a good feeling – that’s part of my ‘today’ list.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying expanding your knowledge and enjoyment of literary masters. I’ve never managed to get into Plath, but I know LOTS of people rate her.

    And YAY! to your christmas card idea! That sounds like effort with a capital E, but such fun for you to do 🙂

    1. It’s hard to relate to Plath for me, but I did gain a lot of insight on her transitions and life. So glad you stopped by!!!

  8. Sylvia Plath…one of the world’s darkest and naughtiest poets, and my favorite! A wonderful list!!

    1. I just recently have became interested in her. She was dark it seemed but I did love the way she portrayed her life and even lovers in her journal during a time when it was frowned upon for women to have many partners.

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