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Twisted Mix Tape #37  ~  This week Jen is asking for songs about someone who cannot let go of a loved one, deal with the break off, or perhaps daydream that a relationship existed in the first place.  Either way, these people are addicted to another person, addicted to love, or both.  <That sentence just brought to mind "Addicted to Love."  I won't add it though. 

One song that came to mind right away is “One More Night” by Maroon 5.  It’s a good song about swearing to stay with a girl one more night, then a couple mornings later he’s waking up in bed beside her, even after crossing his heart and hoping to die.  Plus, I love, love, love Adam Levine.

This next song by Sheryl Crow is pretty much self explanatory in every verse.  She’s basically telling some guy, I do everything you ask me to, and you don’t do anything for me but bring me down.  But, she still lets him come around. One lyric says, “I plead insanity cause I can’t leave and I can’t stay.” ~ “Anything But Down”

This is the list for addicted love.  I naturally have to add Saving Abel singing “Addicted.”  The song speaks for itself.  He knows they should have something more to their relationship and so it’s been time to move on, BUT, whenever he thinks or talks about leaving, they end up making love.  I have been know people who have been in a relationship, that word used loosely, and it’s going nowhere fast, yet the one thing tying the whole thing together is the sex chemistry. So, they stay in the relationship longer than they should.  It’s a more “in your face” song that conveys what Maroon 5’s song “One More Night” is about.  Saving Abel – “Addicted”

Then of course, there are songs written and sang about all the ‘what ifs’ of relationships.  The relationship is over but a person can see them or hear their name and all of the ‘what might have been’ thoughts come rushing in through the other’s brain.  Sometimes the songs can sound borderline stalker, or the sad hanger on, and then other times, most of us get that melancholy feeling and curious notion of how the relationship could have or should have been. At some point, I’m sure, most people have felt this way, then memory kicks in and there’s a reason the past is the past.
Diamond Rio does a wonderful job of capturing all these emotions in their song “What Might Have Been.”

This next song is by Tracy Lawrence called “Texas Tornado.”   It’s beautifully written and his voice does the lyrics justice.  A type of song that can be about the true happiness of life, but the melody along with his voice have a distant melancholy sound.  He is pretty much saying she plays him, he knows, she does it on purpose, but he can’t stop it because he’s addicted in love with her. 

There are 5 ‘addicted to love’ songs.  I rarely add more than 5  but ever now and again, a theme will come along where I could easily list 10 and keep going. Such as this theme:  There’s Jewel singing “Meant For Me”, Taylor Swift singing “You Belong With Me”, and even Rihanna ft. Justin Timberlake with “Rehab.”  So, I decided to list one more.  I have become a huge fan of Halestorm after a groovy friend with a variety of awesome playlist sounds recommended me listening to them.  So, for #6, here is Halestorm singing “I Miss The Misery.”

Now, this completes my Twisted Mix Tape playlist with the whole addiction, obsession, can’t let you go, songs.  This is a blog hop, so link up over at Jen’s and share  your Mix Tape with everyone.  I have been so busy lately. ‘Tis the season and all.  But I am going to start making rounds first thing tomorrow so I can hear as many songs as possible.  I adore hearing music I’ve never heard before.  Go join the fun!!!


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  1. You are so awesome, I am so sorry I am getting here so late. I can't believe I don't know all of these songs! But I love that. And that's part of why it takes me so long, when I don't know the songs I keep the post up in my browser until I can go listen! Can't go wrong with Maroon 5 😉 Loved that Tracy Lawrence, that was a new one for me!

  2. My favorites are the Sheryl Crow and Maroon 5. And you're right about Halestorm – she has a great voice.

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