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It’s time for Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday and Jen has left us to our own devices.  Theme being Dealer’s Choice.  I was smiling as I read the beginning of her post about everyone knowing the saying ‘dealer’s choice’.  I grew up around poker being played on a serious note, so I get the saying.  Which has at least one song in my playlist about gambling. 

It also made me think of my favorite quote from Jeannette Walls’ memoir “The Glass Castle.”   ~ “Whoever coined the phrase ‘a man’s got to play the hand that was dealt him’ was most certainly one piss-poor bluffer.” ~

I loved the 1994 movie ‘Maverick’.  Not only was it a good movie, Mel Gibson was the star, and it featured in parts of the movie Clint Black, Waylon Jennings, Uncle Jessie from The Dukes of Hazzard, and others like these.  I had already heard Clint Black sing ‘A Good Run of Bad Luck’ and it fit the movie soundtrack probably better than any other song.  So, here’s the song that was lodged into my mind when Jen mentioned ‘Dealer’s Choice.’

I just decided while thinking of song choice # 2, I really used to dig Clint Black.  So, guess what my next 4 songs are going to have in common?  This next one is just a romantic song and I love his voice, the meaning, everything. Here is Clint Black with “I Never Liked The Rain.”

This next Clint Black song is an emotional one.  “Burn One Down” is from a 1992 album and I still love it. 

Next is a song by Clint Black called “No Time To Kill.”  It’s a play on word title to his first album, “Killing Time.”  I always liked this song.  

“Untangling My Mind”  is another classic Clint Black song.  If I could choose one off of this list and ask you to listen to it, this one would be it. 

Since I’m on a Clint Black roll, I’m throwing in a # 6 that was always one of my favorites.  “Wherever You Go.”

Here is my list for Twisted Mix Tape.  This is a blog hop.  Share songs you love and check out everyone else’s picks.  

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