Trying Hard For TTofT

I am so glad that I found TToT being held on Lizzi’s page!  I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  For those who don’t celebrate or have different religion or lack of, I’d like to say hope you still enjoy the Holiday spirit and family.   

I won’t go into why I really should do TTofT.  Long, boring story.  Honestly, I don’t feel it this year, which has flown by anyway.  I don’t have a big family, or rather all my immediate family has passed away and I celebrate because of my girls.  Their father did come in from North Carolina and has them for tonight.  They also got to spend last night with their grandfather, his father.  Today they got to go to my boyfriend’s mom’s home for dinner and presents.  I declined going this year.  I’d rather be left alone. But I will do my TTofT.

1.  I am thankful that my girls are having a great Christmas so far and my best friend, Sissy bought my oldest daughter a new bed she has been wanting for quite awhile now.  We spent the day putting it together while the girls were with my boyfriend.  We finally got it after putting the headboard on backwards about 3 times and having to unscrew it, again, and again.  It has the memory foam spa mattress.   Very comfortable. 

The Bed!

The Bed!

2.  I am very thankful for my best friend’s hubby who takes the time out of his busy work schedule to carve us ornaments.  I always get special ornaments each year for our tree.  I have an angel ornament that belonged to my grandmother, an ornament I made her in kindergarten year 1981, another angel my bestie made me, a stocking a dear friend made me in 1991, and ornaments with names, ornaments from The Christmas Place in Tennessee, and ornaments the girls have made each year in school.  

Ornaments Carved By My Friend in 2010

Ornaments Carved By My Friend in 2010



One Of This Year's Ornament Scott Carved

One Of This Year’s Ornament Scott Carved

My Kindergarten Ornament

My Kindergarten Ornament


3.  I’m thankful I was able to buy my girls what they wanted for the most part, and grab my friends some gifts.  

4.  I am thankful their father came up from N.C. because he didn’t think he was going to get to.  So, they get to spend the night and spend time with their half brother, who turned 4 in November, and their step sisters.  

5.  I am happy for music because sometimes how I feel, I cannot express in words, not even in my poems.  So, it seems like I can find a song that was written for me.  Matchbox 20 seems to have written my life soundtrack.

6.  I am thankful for a few nice gifts I received.  Not because I received gifts, but because of who gave me something and it made me feel good that they took the time for the gesture.

7.  I am thankful the weather hasn’t been too harsh, but we have had some cold days when the wood stove feels marvelous.  We’ve also had some fairly nice days that I don’t need a jacket. Mother Nature seems to be bipolar around this area.

8.  I am thankful that I may have the opportunity to sell Perfectly Posh.  I had a sample in the mail of the facial mask, The Ritual.  I have very sensitive skin so I have to be careful what products I apply to my face.  After I tried this mask, my face felt so clean, refreshed, and soft.  There wasn’t even a hint of redness.  So, this is a product I can get behind.  They have facial products, hand products for fingernails, cuticles,  foot scrubs, body scrubs, bath salts, and other products that seem wonderful.  They also opened a line for teenagers with different face wash products.  The products have all natural things in them.  I sold Beauti Control make-up in 2004 or so, and I did quite well.  However, living in a small town, there were other consultants and it made sales hard.  I done better online with sales.  I am happy to say that nobody is selling Perfectly Posh in my area and I have alrealydy had some neighbors wanting to try the product and willing to host a party for me.  So, when I begin selling the product in January, I’m sure you’ll see the link to my web address a lot. 🙂 

9.  I am happy with and thankful for buying the book, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath.  It was a wonderful look into her life beginning at 18 years old when she began at Smith College and read on the pages the transition from a young, somewhat sheltered girl into a brilliant woman with a strong passion for living and a tragic obsession with death.  

10.  I am so thankful for everyone I have met in the Blogsphere, and I am so glad to have seen on another blog that TToT was going on.  As I first stated, the Christmas spirit and being merry just isn’t on my agenda.  So, I’m irritable, then want to curl up and cry.  I am bipolar myself, but medicated.  I’m not sure where this moodiness has came from.  Maybe the stress of gifts, then school field trips, Holiday parties, photos and all of this of course cost money.  Then bills, and just being stuck in the house a lot has left me feeling the blues. So thank you Lizzi.  

This wraps it up for my TTofT and for some reason the internet and cable have went out, so I cannot add photos into this post right now, nor can I publish it.  As soon as things are running again, I’ll post this.  The lack of cable and internet seems to add to my mood of ‘meh’. or bah humbug. 

<Blogger’s Sidenote:  It is 5:27 a.m. and I just took a shower. Played Santa. And The Cable/Internet is back on! yay. Cause I do love watching “The Christmas Story”   (you’ll put your eye out kid).>



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  1. Nice list. Cool bed…I bet even when the headboard was backward! Glad your internet is back online! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. The bed looks great! I hope she liked it. And the ornaments are beautiful – so nice that you have a collection that dates back – such a nice way to remember back. Sorry to hear that this Christmas isn’t great for you. Hopefully life looks up soon.

    1. She loved the bed. Both the girls had a wonderful Christmas. I do love my collection of ornaments. Thank you for stopping by. Life has a funny way of seeming so glum one moment and so bright the next.


    Donetta, I’m so sorry to hear you’re finding Christmas hard, and I’m thrilled that you’ve joined in with this very special, very painful edition of TToT, and that you’ve found it helpful to you.

    Sending you SO many hugs and much love and hopes that the rest of your Christmastime is manageable.

    (And Clark…bugger off 😉 )

    1. Thank you so much Lizzi. The side note to Clark made my day. 🙂

  4. …exactly what the TToT is for/about/means* I enjoyed reading your Post, I suspect Lizzi is thinking, ‘bollocks** I said fortnight! I’m sure those unruly colonists haven’t a clue what a fortnight is… maybe I’ll sneak in one more, quiet TToT”
    have a good ‘rest of Christmas’….hey you should join us on one of the Wakefield Doctrine video chats!! all you need is google ‘hangout’ to join it, it’s fun!

    * in my humble opinion
    ** she’s English they talk funny

    1. lol. Thank you for dropping by and bringing a smile to my face. 🙂

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