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Ah it’s 2014 and I have already been slacking on my blogs.  I have a few excuses to throw out there but I won’t.  Well, maybe just one……………. Monday on January 13, 2014, my youngest daughter turned 8 years old.  I cannot believe she is 8.  Getting tall, and so very smart.  Her sister will be 12 this July and ah…………….. I hope this year doesn’t  fly by like 2013 and leave me feeling as if I missed something during each day.  But when I do reflect on 2013, I can think of several joyful times that I’m glad I was a part of.   So, I stumble across Creative Every Day blog and loved it!!!  It seemed to be what I needed to become more inspired and not letting each moment pass with me thinking  horrible things.  I seen we could share our word for the year, so I’ll go ahead an say, Trifecta had ask for a 3 word resolution, and  here is my main word from the 3.  It is my word for 2014…………………….



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  1. I started Creative Every Day in November 2013 ~ i really like that Leah considers ANY type of creative acceptable & you don’t have to blog every day. I slacked off in December with the holidays but i’m back doing it again this month.

    Good luck and have fun with it! Great word of the year!!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I think I was on your blog when I saw creative writing. Maybe…………. I’m not sure. I slacked off due to holidays and then my youngest daughter’s birthday is January 13th, so it falls so soon after Christmas. Good luck to you and have a great new year ahead.

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