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The Prompts:

1.) A movie you loved as a child.
2.) Write a post inspired by the word: lost.
3.) Five of your current favorite things.
4.) Pinterest inspired! Share a pin you actually tried. How did it go?
5.) You’re better off without it…


3.)  Five of my current favorite things:

Current can turn into ‘used to be‘ fast but I’m going to go ahead and type up 5 of my favorite things, for now:

1.  Kellogg’s Breakfast To Go

kellogg's to go

2.  Ladybugs – explaining now:  I was always told that Ladybugs were good luck, so if I seen one in the house, I needed to gently pick it up, blow it off my finger outside, and count to 10 for good luck.  While I’m sure this was just an old wives tale now, I do think it’s horrible to kill Ladybugs when there are so many other pest to kill, like ants.  I also call my youngest daughter Livbug.  Her name is Olivia so I call her Liv anyway, then Livbug gets thrown on there so much, that for her birthday she wanted a Ladybug cake. 

flat ladybug cake

This is not the cake she had…………. I haven’t uploaded photos yet.


3.  Moroccan Oil –   My hair is naturally curly/frizzy……….. thick, wavy curls that tend to do whatever they’d like and frizz up at the slightest humidity or moisture in the air.  Add dying because at 37 years old, I have grey on top.  Not a lot, but enough I notice.  Although, I’ve always loved to change my hair color since high school.  Now, I grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s and probably destroyed half the ozone layer all by myself using Aqua Net or White Rain hairspray.  The drying, curling, teasing,  and amount of hairspray I used seems so icky now.  Even though I no longer use a hairdryer, not just because of damage but because drying curly hair is asking for frizz, and I no longer use hairspray because I figured out I don’t need it.  If I do happen to need a spritz or two of hairspray to hold my hair in place, I have a small bottle of frizz be gone stuff.  Anyway, I tried a Moroccan oil hair treatment and ran out and bought the Moroccan oil for daily use.  It has done wonders for my hair.  My hair has a healthy shine to it, feels softer not so heavy, and just better all the way around.  So, this is on my list of favorite things so far in 2014.




4.  Eminem’s new album MMLP2 –   Released in November and bought for me by my sister, the new Marshal Mathers LP 2, is my favorite Eminem album out of all the ones he has produced.  I have always been an Eminem fan, way back when he came out with his peroxide hair and singing about Kim in a trunk.  I love the MMLP1. This album, though a lot of people want to say he went mainstream or sold out, it’s my favorite.  I don’t think he went mainstream or sold out.  It’s actually more like the older Eminem stuff.  He also pays homage in a lot of songs on the track.  The first release of Bezerk, for instance, payed homage to Rubin, Dre. Dre, The Beastie Boys, Slaughterhouse, and Kid Rock.  Then he has some songs with the chorus ending up with music from a Zombie’s song.  Eminem, of course, isn’t for all.  But this album had to be on my list of favorites for now. 

5.  Perfectly Posh – This is a line of  facial, body, and hair treatments.  Made out of natural ingredients, it is the perfect spa and perfect treatment to yourself.  I had seen it advertised and I ordered a sample of the face mask, The Ritual, free.   My skin, especially my face, are very sensitive, to the point that I use laundry detergent with no dye, soap with no dye, certain brand of make-up, ect.   If I even use the wrong facial lotion, I will wake up in the morning with huge, ugly, red whelps across my face.  Sometimes my eyes are swollen shut.  Then sometimes if I have to use a different laundry detergent, I’ll wake up with rashes on me.  So, I took the chance  put on The Ritual, and watched as the pink hardened on my face.  I didn’t feel any burning or itching.  When it came time to wash it off, my face felt so hydrated, clean, and soft, that I am absolutely a fan.  In fact, I’m wanting to in the next few weeks become a consultant.  .  The fact that I used to sell Beauti Control products and it was a good way to earn a little extra cash, gives me the security of knowing I can sell things.  Also, since trying the face mask and having wonderful results, this is a project and product that I can stand behind 100%.  So, I will feel good selling it and knowing what I say about the product comes from experience.  


There are 5 of my favorite things written for: Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop


4 responses

  1. Really? Moroccan oil? I have crazy curly hair (went into ringlets at puberty and has been slowly relaxing ever since) I’ve basically been using mousse since I was 16 to deal with frizz. I’ve done the V05 Hot Oil thing too – but I think they stopped selling that, so other than “deep” conditioning, it is what it is. I’ve started dying now too (36 – grey happens); so I may check that out….

    As for Eminem? I like that he still makes me feel current. I heard on the radio that he and his wife might get back together (that was Nov. – so no idea now) and so had that pubby tidbit for Christmas party season where he and Rihanna (who I also enjoy) are all the rage again. Made me feel no so old.

    I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. I continue to enjoy your blog, so just my way of saying so. Here’s the post: http://babygatesdown.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/awards-awards-awards/.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much!! I just was at your blog with your mixed tape which had Eminem and Rihanna’s newest ‘Monster’. I got the C.D. for Christmas and adore every song on it. Grey does happen. My mother started getting grey young. I was hoping it would bypass me somehow, but it hasn’t. I have done the VO5 and I actually blew dry my hair all through high school to make it straight…………..which turned it into a frizzy look and my hair felt like straw. Thank you for nominating me. That makes me smile at 3:30 a.m. Eastern Time. lol. xo

  2. I like the Moroccan oil (I’m very big into organic hair products). I will have to check out the Perfectly Posh line! xoxo

    1. I just now began my love for organic hair products but so far I’m a huge fan!!! Thank you for stopping by!

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